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    Lost, Now Found: Plains Indian Artifacts from the Hewett Collection
    April 23 until June 6, 2014

    On Thursday, April 24, 2014, Jay Trask, Sally McBeth, and others from UNC’s Anthropology, History, and Archival Services departments will host an opening reception for the exhibit Lost, Now Found: Plains Indian Artifacts from the Hewett Collection. The exhibit will be displayed in the black exhibit cases on the west side of the stairway on the first floor. The reception on April 24 will be held in the reference area beginning at 4:00 pm and will include refreshments.

    The exhibit features a portion of a returned collection of Native American artifacts, some believed to be from 2,000 years ago. Moccasins, beaded and porcupine-quilled pipe cases, and a parfleche (also known as an Indian suitcase) will be among the items on display.

    Sean Clason, a senior history major who is minoring in anthropology, organized the exhibit as a part of a class project in Assistant Professor Andy Creekmore's Public Archaeology class.

    The collection is named after Edgar Lee Hewett, a faculty member in the 1890s and archaeologist who is believed to have excavated some of the artifacts.

    Future exhibits will include a portion of the more than 200 Southwest pots and basketry that were onced housed on campus and were held on loan at the Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center since1983 when the anthropology museum in Candelaria Hall ceased operating.

    The Hawaii - UNC Connection
    August 2013-
    Lower Level of the James A. Michener Library

    James A. Michener's novel "Hawaii"
    August 2013 -
    Lower Level of the James A. Michener Library

    40th Anniversary of James A. Michener's novel "Centennial"
    September 2013 -
    Lower Level of the James A. Michener Library
    James Michener was first struck with the idea of writing about Colorado in the late 1930s when he attended school and taught at the Colorado State College of Education. However, he did not return to Greeley to begin writing the novel until 1970. Centennial, a fictional account of a Colorado town called Centennial, was Michener's twenty-first book and his second best seller.

    Images Celebrating University History
    July 2010 -
    First Floor, across from the Circulation Desk

    International Gladiolus Hall of Fame
    January 2009 -
    Lower Level of the James A. Michener Library. This exhibit consists of displays of materials from the International Gladiolus Hall of Fame Collection (SC 07). It includes trophies, awards, plaques, memorabilia, information on Gladiolus Societies from all over the world, as well as a tribute to Sidney and Velda Baldridge. The displays change over time.

    James A. Michener The Man, The Writer, The Legacy: An Exhibit
    September 2007 -
    James A. Michener Permanent Exhibit, Mezzanine of the James A. Michener Library. This permanent exhibit contains materials related to the life and writings of world famous author James A. Michener.
    November 2013 - current date: a special display on the novel Poland.


    K-12 Textbooks Authored by UNC Faculty
    Tip and Mitten textbook with a picture of a dog and a cat on itEarly in the University of Northern Colorado's history theinstitution earned the moniker of "the Columbia of the West," a reference to UNC's (then the State Teachers College of Colorado) excellence in the education and preparation of teachers.

    Faculty at the institution not only taught future teachers, they also authored textbooks for teachers to use in their classrooms in the state of Colorado. Many of these textbooks were of such high quality that they were adopted by school systems around the country.

    The Tip & Mitten textbook series, written by State Teachers College of Colorado faculty Paul McKee, M. Lucile Harrison, Annie McCowen, and Elizabeth Lehr, is perhaps one of the most famous, rivaling the Dick and Jane series in baby boomers' memories. Visitors to the University Libraries website can now view an online exhibit of these faculty-authored textbooks.

    The exhibit, "K-12 Textbooks Authored by UNC Faculty: 1922 - 1980," is a collaboration between the University Libraries Education Librarian, Bette Rathe, and the Archival Services Department.

    A Photographic History of UNC

    James A. Michener: The Writing Process

    James A. Michener's Centennial: The Evolution of a Novel