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University Records

Record Group 22, Student Research Projects


The materials in this record group represent research projects, other than theses and dissertations, created by students at the University of Northern Colorado.

Series 1

Research papers



"La Primavera." Belinda Hardy. Research project. 2004.



"The Bear Claw (Formerly Known as Bishop Lehr)." Adam G. Masters. Term project paper. 2005.



“A Study of How to Plan and Publish an Economical, Small High School Annual.  Verda Bostrom.  Summer Quarter.  August 15, 1950.  RESTRICTED.



“Impregnating Wood with Plastics.” Dennis L. Mueller & James Lewis. Summer Quarter 1970. IA 353 Problems in Woods. School of Arts. Department of Industrial Arts.

Series 2

Oral History Interviews



Black Women of Today Oral History Project -- Oral history interviews of black women completed in 2005 by students in Dr. George H. Junne's AFS102 class.