All Hours, Contact Information


University Records

Record Group 14, Laboratory School


Series 1   

Yearbooks 1920-




see RG10 S1 F3, Cache la Poudre, for years prior to 1920


File 1



Middle School yearbooks






Series 2

Newspapers and other periodicals


File 1


Student publications


File 2


Faculty and administration publications





Series 3

Scrapbooks and awards/clippings (some in separate boxes)  




see also RG15 S19 F2--4th grade time capsule 1976 to be opened in 2000





Series 4

Miscellaneous items


File 1


Promotional materials


File 2


Summer school


File 3


"Back to School" information


File 4


Parents groups


File 5


Student activities


File 6




File 7




File 8




File 9


Student work--samples


File 10




File 11


University/Lab School relationship





Series 5

College/University High commencement programs





Series 6





see also RG3 S20: News & Publications photos




see also RG15: Buildings and grounds 


File 1








1924-28, students





1934, class of







File 2








Domke Collection (1574 negatives of Lab School events and individuals.  Inventory on File.)


File 3


Slide show (80 slides) plus script


File 4







Series 7

National associations/other lab schools


File 1


National Association of Laboratory Schools. Newsletter edited by Frisbie (1973-74)


File 2


NALS Journal


File 3


Northern Illinois University/University of Illinois lab schools


File 4


Laboratory School Administrators Association





Series 8

Special Education Learning Resource Center. Instructional Materials Catalog. 1977





Series 9

State High School of Industrial Arts 1916-1920





Series 10






Series 11



File 1


100th. 1992




see also RG14 S6 F4: Videos





Series 12

Histories, self-studies and external evaluations




see also RG14 S11 F1: Laboratory School Centennial





Series 13

Personnel items




see also RG13 S9 F2: Lab School Library





Series 14

Accreditation see RG14 S12





Series 15

Charter school. 1998-





Series 16

Lab School closing. 2000-


File 1




File 2


University administration


File 3


Lab School administration





Series 17

Finances Lab School



Series 18

High School for Adults



Series 19



File 1


Alumni Reunions -- This Series documents the reunion activities of various alumni reunions.





1990, 1995, 2000, and 2005.

2005 Reunion -- Publication: College High School 1935-1970 "Bulldog Memories" 2005 Reunion. This publication includes a schedule of events, dedication pages from each issue of the The Bulldog 1935-1970 and class rosters.