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Record Group 12, Presentations

Public presentations include assemblies, conferences,  workshops, visual and performing arts events, festivals, lecture Series, special days, weeks and months, radio and television programs, and other events.

Series 1

Summer assemblies. 1948-1969

   File 1

Pages removed from original three-ring notebooks. Box 1: 1948-1959; Box 2: 1960-1962; Box 3: 1963-1969

   File 2

Donald Decker Photo Collection. Formal photographs of some of the summer assembly speakers. 1962-1967. (Stored in the climate controlled JAM Room.)


Series 2


   File 1

Lecture Series. Winter 1970. School of Arts and Sciences

   File 2


University Lecture Series. 1974-1975. College of Education and Phi Delta Kappa

   File 3

University Lecture Series. 1977-1984.


Series 3

Mid/year and winter conferences. 1926-
Originally termed "Mid-Year Conferences," they came to be referred to as "Winter Conferences."  School classes were sometimes canceled while the teachers from throughout the State traveled to Greeley.  The 1986 one was the 58th Winter Conference.
Archives has brochures for a large number, but not all of the conferences.  The brochures show the theme of the conference and the names and titles of the speakers, many of whom are brought from out of state for the occasion.  Often, a well known person is the opening night speaker--usually a Thursday evening, with the main part of the conference occurring on Friday, with some spillover to Saturday.  After the University Lecture Series was begun in 1977, speakers were sometimes shared with that Series.
A sheet listing the years for which Archives has brochures is included in the File. 
There is a separate File folder with additional planning details for conferences from 1977 through 1981, in which the Library had special presentations.  This folder might be useful to anyone planning any conference, as the conference general committee provides thorough information as to what must be considered in planning.


Series 4

Seminars in higher education. 1949-1951


Series 5

Summer book review and other programs. 1926-1967. 
The Summer Book Review programs were held as early as 1926.  Archives has a Series of printed programs through 1967.  A number of the programs included more than book reviews.  For the period 1939-1941, they include a list of daily activities.


Series 6

Neal Cross Lecture Series and University Lecture Series
Neal Cross was a professor of English who served on the faculty from 1941-1979.  He died in 1979, having made a bequest to the Department of English that was named the Cross Humanities Program and included a Series of lectures. 
This Series is not that titled the Ethan Allen Cross Memorial Lecture Series, that was endowed for his mother in honor or his father who had also been a professor and dean of this college. That Series has continued and is given at the Congregational Church.  ( See also RG SC47 for a Series of letters to Neal Cross.)


Series 7

Humanities Day


Series 8

Workshops on emotional problems of college students. 1966- (BSMT)

   File 1 

Resource material and workshop proceedings. 1966-1967, 1969-1978

   File 2

Tapes of speakers


Series 9

University Program Council

   File 1

Patio Gallery


Series 10

Miscellaneous presentations (Haunted Houses, Oktoberfest, Resource Fair, film festivals, political speeches)


Series 11

Performing Arts presentations--opera/theater/dance

   File 1

Theater, opera and dance programs and clippings

   File 2

Archives Study v.13: Little Theatre of the Rockies: Programs Presented. 1934-1984

   File 3

George E. Bagusch. MA thesis August 1, 1960 Little Theatre of the Rockies 1934-1960: A Pattern for Educational Theatre

   File 4

Helen Langworthy. "A Brief History of the Little Theatre of the Rockies: Years 1934-1965"

   File 5 

UNC LTR Celebrates Sapphire Anniversary (1981)

   File 6

LTR renamed Helen Langworthy Theatre. 1986

   File 7

Summer Series 1958-1977 summary report

   File 8 

Theater/opera/dance season calendars



see also RG12 S13: Arts calendars

   File 9

Performing Arts Opera Theatre Workshop -1980-

   File 10

Music/theater Touring Company

   File 11

Welby Wolfe LTR materials



see also RG6 S3 F7 Welby Wolfe papers

   File 12

Faculty Players

   File 13


LTR -- Photographs, negatives, slides, etc. -- Filed in cold storage)


see also Study 25: Theatre/Opera/Dance Productions by CSNS, CTC, CSCE, CSC, UNC; 1889-


Series 12 

Performing Arts presentations--music

   File 1 

Musical programs (unbound) 1906 -   . Clippings.



Bound programs 1964-1978

   File 2

Musical season calendars



see also RG12 S13: Arts calendars

   File 3 

KUNC tapes of musical performances

   File 4

Audio recordings of performances


Series 13

Festival Series, Arts calendars.
On File is information about various festivals and arts calendars. The festivals include:  Fine Arts Festival 1950- , Shakespeare Festival, Performing Arts, Music, Entertainment Plus, jazz, Theatre, etc.


see also RG12 S11 F8: Season calendars


Series 14

Visual Arts presentations
On File is information about visual arts presentations, exhibitions, schedules, art workshops, brochures, lectures and seminars.
Mariani gallery in Guggenheim is a part of the Visual Arts Department and was named after John Mariani, professor and Fine Arts Chairman, 1937-74.  The Patio Gallery, in the University Center was under the auspices of the SRC and was discontinued during the remodeling of the center in 1987.


see also RG13 S14 : Michener Library Gallery exhibitions


Series 15 

Radio stations

  File 1





As of 2001, KUNC is a community-licensed public radio station, operated by Community Radio for Northern Colorado Inc., a 501(c)3 Colorado nonprofit organization. CRNC came into existence when a group of community volunteers, in February 2001, raised $2 million in 20 days to purchase KUNC's license from the University of Northern Colorado.




Development proposal for the Rocky Mountain Educational Radio Network, December 1972




Program guides, previews, flyers, KUNC Rally. 1972- 1983, undated




Financial Statements and Independent Auditors' Reports, 1995 and 1996




Clippings/News releases, 1977-2001




Sale of KUNC, including newspaper clippings about same

  File 2


Earlier Radio Stations






Series 16

Model United Nations/International Relations Club. 1957-1986



The Model United Nations was held each spring for high school students. This event was originally sponsored by the International Relations Club under the direction of Professor Dean Arnold. Later it was sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences and the College of Education. The collection consists of three boxes. Box 1 has three scrapbooks covering the years 1957-1966. Box 2 covers the years 1967-1976 (no items for 1967). Box 3 covers the years 1977-1986.



Series 17

State Affairs Conference


Series 18

School Administration Workshop. 1951-1958


Series 19

Academic Excellence Week/Honors Convocations



Series 20

Special months/weeks/days



Research Day/Conference

   File 1



   File 2


Foreign Language Day. 1968-

   File 3 


Afro-American History Month



see also RG9 S8: International Week; RG 12 S7: Humanities Day; RG 12 S19: Academic Excellence Week



Series 21

Junior High School Workshop, 1st. 1950


Series 22

Guidance Workshop


Series 23

Bronco training camp. 1982-2002


Series 24

Frontiers of Science Institute


Series 25 

Gifted and talented, Summer programs for

   File 1



Series 26



Series 27

Conferences/festivals for high school students


Series 28

"At risk" summer enrichment (Dream Team, YOU program)


Series 29

School for Janitors


Series 30

UNC Scholar Speaker Series


Series 31

Women's Health Conference. 1999-


Series 32

Qualitative Research Seminar


Series 33

Writers' Conference 2002- (UNC Rosenberry Writers' Conference)



Series 34

Reading Conferences

   File 1

Reading Conferences sponsored by the Reading Center -- Clippings

   File 2


Rocky Mountain Children's Literature Conference



Series 35




Series 36

Freshman Common Reading Book ( First-Year Reading Book)



Series 37

Teaching with Primary Sources



Series 38

Provost Colloquium Speaker Series


Series 39

Physical Education Department -- Presentations