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Crucible. 1892-1921

1 reel microfilm 1889-1920 miscellaneous issues.

The Crucible was a student journal, published monthly between the years 1892 and 1921 in a total of 27 volumes.  The first issue was that of October 1892, and nine issues were published that first year by students of the State Normal School.  The pioneer editors wished to give the proper deserved attention to the important subject of pedagogy, and to reflect the literary atmosphere of the school.  There were also hopes to give the general news of the school and to bring alumni tidings from Alma Mater.

The first issue includes literary pieces, poetry, editorials, news of faculty and students, appointments to the faculty, obituaries, and a considerable number of ads.  Volumes at first were 10" in height and bound in red.  The last of this size, Volume 23, was for the 1914-1915 academic year.  Beginning with Volume 4, the June issue was a commencement issue.  Usually, but not always, the commencement issue was bound in with the others.

During the 1914, 1915, and 1916 summer sessions, the Crucible was published in tabloid form, on newsprint, and this practice was followed in the 1915-1916 academic year, with pages approximately 16 x 22 inches.  These two years are bound in green buckram in two pieces.

The title Crucible Magazine began in 1917, reverting to the 10" format until the last issue in Fall 1920, which is a student directory.  Throughout, the issues and parts are numbered irregularly, particularly the summer issues.  The Crucible was succeeded by the Mirror, which began in 1919.

The magazine is cataloged as LB1840 G7444 C78.


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The Mirror. 1919-

The Mirror has been the college newspaper since 1919. The first four-page issue was published in February 28, 1919.  The first editor was Ralph Bennett. Originally a weekly paper, it was printed by the Department of Printing in the Guggenheim Building. The title was taken as, "A reflection of student activities at Colorado State Teachers College. The Mirror united the monthly/bimonthly Crucible with the weekly newspaper for the prior year. (No copy is held in Archives of that weekly paper.)

The Mirror was originally to be a weekly newsletter, and later came out three times/week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

With some exceptions, it has not been published during school breaks and national holidays.

On August 31, 2012, Volume 94 Number 1, The Mirror discontinued the Wednesday and Friday print editions, publishing a print edition on Mondays and an online edition on Fridays during the fall semester. In December 2012, the Friday web-only edition was discontinued.

Volume 94 Number 31, January 14, 2013, saw The Mirror change to producing one print edition a week, on Mondays, during fall and spring semesters. A current web site is maintained at, based on the Monday print edition, and updated as events occur.

As of 2013, the publication is funded by student fees as well as advertising for local businesses. The newspaper operates out of its own building on 16th Street, one-half block from campus, and employs an average of 80 students a year. More information is available in Wikipedia.

Beginning with Volume 65, 1980-81, Archives has two complete sets of printed Mirrors, one is an archival copy, and the other for patron use. As scans are completed, past editions of The Mirror are available in Digital UNC.


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Microfilm masters. 1964-2002


Indexes of guest speakers/performers


Supplements to The Mirror



File 3

Cache la Poudre. 1907-1971, 1979-1984, 2000-2001 (1979 and 1980 on fiche)





The 1944 yearbook is an oversize publication. Due to World War II the Associated Students was unable to publish the 1944 yearbook. Instead they bound all the copies of the campus newspaper, The Mirror, so students "could remember our days at 'CSCE 1944'."


see also File 6 below


File 4

Greeley Normal. 1972-1973 (some issues also on fiche)



File 5

Fulcrum. 1948-1952



File 6

Magazines (some were seen as replacements for the Cache La Poudre yearbook)




Nowthen. 1971-1972 (some issues also on fiche)



Egg. 1972-1974 (some issues also on fiche)



Quarterly Overview. 1974-1977 (some issues also on fiche)



Greality. 1978 yearbook (also on fiche)



Interlog. April 1982



Muse. May 1953 & April 1954



File 7

Nova . 1965-1974 (some issues also on fiche)


Colorado North Review. 1974-



Colorado North Review. fiche (holdings incomplete)



File 8

Jackson City News. 1948. "Jackson City Newspaper is Published. Mirror, Mar. 26, 1948, p. 1.



File 9

The Freshman Record/New Student Record.  1973-


The Freshman Record. 1976.


New Student Record. 1973, 1975, 1977-1980, 1985-, 1992/1993, 2001-2004


Who's New on Campus. 1991


Graduate Record. 1976


The Graduate Carousel. 1976-1977



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Miscellaneous student publications



File 11

Bulletin Board Ideas for-(business topics). 1961-1975



File 12

The Prospectus



File 13

Moon in Her Mouth. 1991- annual



File 14

Crucible. 1990- annual



Issues available in Archives: 1992-93 3rd edition; 1993-94 4th edition; 1994-95 5th edition; 1995-96 6th edition; Spring 1998 8th edition; 1999-2000 10th edition; 2000-2001 11th edition; 2001-2002 12th edition; 2002-2003 13th edition; 2004-2005 15th edition


File 15

The Claw. 2012- . Magazine. First issue: Fall/Winter 2012 (v.1 i.1).