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RG9 Student Affairs
S4 - S25


Series 4

Student finances, financial aid, employment and scholarships

   File 1

Student finances and financial aid

The purpose of the Office of Financial Aid is to provide financial assistance from various program resources to students requiring such assistance.  It administers to programs of loans, grants, scholarships and employment.  On File are the following brochures: several Financial Aid, one dated 1976-77, others ND; Department of Student Employment, ND; Scholarships UNC 1987-88; Dollars for Scholars 1983-84; $$$$ Case-UNC, ND; Financing a College Education 1984-85, others ND; Got an idea, ND.  Also assorted information.

   File 2

Student employment

   File 3


Series 5

Academic rights and responsibilities of students



see also RG7 S11: Board of Academic Appeals and RG10 S2: Student-organized activities

"Academic Rights and Responsibilities of Students" was a document produced by a faculty-student committee in 1967.  The purpose was to establish academic rights and responsibilities of students whether in the classroom, on campus, or in the larger community.

On file are the following: "Academic Freedom, Rights and Responsibilities of Students CSC," July 1967 preamble; Adopted version April 1969; Revisions in Students Rights Statement, ND; Code of Conduct, ND; Proposed Amendment of Section VI; Revision of the Adopted April 1969 version with Section VI amended October 1970; and "Academic Freedom Rights and Responsibilities of Students University of Northern Colorado," adopted April 1969, Section VI amended October 1970, Section II amended July 1971.

For information on the Board of Academic Appeals, see RG7 S11

Series 6


The Counseling Center provides individual and group counseling.  It helps students develop skills in test taking, learning and study, personal management, and in evaluating career options.  It offers referral services.

On file are the following brochures and assorted flyers including: Serving the University Community, This is only a test...; and Guidance and Confidential Counseling, Feel Bottled Uptight

Working paper by Patrick McCary, "Student Development Survey, UNC, Freshmen in Residence Halls, 1978."


Counseling workshops on the emotional problems of college students are Filed under RG12 S8.

Series 7

Disabled Student Services (renamed Disability Support Services)

Office of Resources for the Disabled coordinates and provides resources for students who have permanent physical disabilities.  General services are: health service, housing, registration assistance, testing, academic aids, counseling, placement, recreation, learning lab-study, as well as orientation for faculty.  Specialized services are provided for the deaf and hearing impaired, orthopedically disabled and visually handicapped.

Clippings and correspondence are included in the Series.

Series 8

International/foreign students

The function of the Office of International Student Services, renamed Center for International Education, is to provide information and guidance to international students and act in a liaison capacity between them and faculty and administration.

   File 1




Series 9

Cultural Centers

   File 1


Marcus Garvey Cultural Center

According to a brochure published soon after its establishment in the fall of 1982, the goals and objectives of the Center are to develop educational, social and cultural activities to commemorate the Black experience, to develop enrichment skills, seminars for high school and college age students, a monthly newsletter, a resource library and career services.

The Center is under the supervision of an advisory board appointed by the University President.  The board is responsible for defining the Center's goals and objectives.  The Center is named for Marcus Garvey (1887-1940), a prominent proponent of Black nationalism and Pan-Africanism.

The file includes various brochures announcing activities at the Center.  Some lectures at the Center may also be found in RG12, which includes programs for various presentations.

   File 1-1




   File 1-2



Brochures, Flyers, etc.

   File 1-3





   File 2


Hispanic Cultural Center. 1984-1995 renamed Cesar Chavez Cultural Center. 1995-

On January 26, 1984, the final draft of the Hispanic Task Force created by the Board of Trustees on January 10, 1983, was presented to the Board.  The Board decided to implement the recommendation that UNC provide an Hispanic Cultural Center.  Its mission is to increase Hispanic student recruitment and retention and to enhance cultural appreciation within UNC and the greater community.  The Hispanic Cultural Center opened September 3, 1985, at 1410 20th Street.

   File 3


Diversity clippings

   File 4


Conferences--minority themes

   File 5


Native Americans

   File 6


Asian/Pacific Islanders


see also RG7 S20 Division of Minority Affairs

Series 10

Peace Corps

Minimal correspondence, 1985-1988, from Peace Corps campus representatives and coordinator.

Series 11


The function of the Placement Service is to assist graduates to find jobs through providing credentials, scheduling interviews, providing vacancy lists, counseling, maintaining a File of interested employers, and an automated nomination service.  Microfilms of College Placement Annual and Career Digest are also kept at that office.

On file are: "You Need to Know!" information letter for Placement Center enrollees, July 1971; and Correspondence 1972.

   File 1


Student Outcomes

Statewide Student Outcomes Committee minutes: April 21, 1975-October 8, 1975.

Correspondence/memos between Jeffrey S. Lipton, CCHE Statewide Student Outcomes Coordinator, Duane Henderson, UNC Director of Academic Research, and others. Unedited draft "IEP Analysis and Use: Single-Institution Data" by Maureen Byers and Cathleen Bower, June 1975.

Student Outcomes Questionnaire for Program Completers.

An Introduction to the CCHE Statewide Student Outcomes Project & User's Guide for Interpreting Student Outcomes Module Reports," by Jeffrey S. Lipton, Outcomes Coordinator, August 20, 1975.

   File 2


Placement surveys. 1973-1980

Various statistics from 1973-80 reflect job placement of UNC graduates.  The statistics categorize graduates by major, degree, sex, type of employment, area of employment job related to major, percent employed in major, etc.

   File 3


Placement surveys. 1980-

   File 4


Hiring Times. (Career Services)

   File 5


Teacher Employment Days

   File 6


Career Connections

   File 7


Job & Internship Fair

   File 8



Series 12    

Student Health Services

The purpose of the student health program is to meet the students' health needs developing optimum health through providing medical and mental health services, preventive medicine, health education, access to and coordination with local medical facilities and a health insurance program.

Series 13

Special students

   File 1



   File 2


Nontraditional/reentry students

The non-traditional and re-entry programs are support services for undergraduate students over 25 years of age who are returning to school.  The programs are networks and provide academic, social and personal support.

Series 14

Center for Human Enrichment (CHE)

The Center for Human Enrichment (CHE) is a University and federally funded supportive service program for student development, based on academic needs.  Services offered are academic development classes, Writing Center, tutoring, academic advising, personal counseling and career development.

   File 1


McNair program: Newsletters, flyers, booklets, clippings

   File 2


Writing Center

Series 15

Campus Ministry

Agape House is a center for nondenominational religious activities.  Among these are pastoral counseling, social events, fellowship meals, social action and community service projects, Bible study, lectures, classes, and weddings and retreats.  Various denominations have assigned ministers to the campus who conduct services and sponsor functions in the House.

Series 16

Women, Commission; Caucus; Network

Series 17


Student Affairs' newsletters are Filed alphabetically in folders.  They are:

   File 1


UNC Advisor. [1983- ] (Academic Advising)

   File 2


The Advisor's Advisor. 1992- (Academic Advising)





see also:
RG9 S9 F2 -- Hispanic Horizons. 1987-
(Hispanic Cultural Center now Cesar Chavez Cultural Center)

RG9 S12 F4 -- Hiring Times (Career Services)

Series 18

Academic Advising Center/Academic Support and Advising

   File 1


Academic Advising Center

   File 2


Academic Support and Advising

Series 19

Women's Resource Center

   File 1



   File 2


W.I.T. (Women Inspiring Tomorrow)

   File 3


Inspiring Women's Awards

   File 4


Programs, Flyers, etc

Series 20

Residence Life see also RG8 S3 F5 Housing

   File 1


Off campus housing




see also RG10 S5 F5 Tenant's Guide

   File 2


Wiebking Hall Scrapbooks

Series 21

Re-entry/Non-traditional Student Services

Series 22

Campus Climate Survey. 1964/Campus life

Series 23


Series 24

Student Activities Center

Series 25

Student ID cards



see also RG11 S2 F9 for "Campus Service and Learning Environment Task Force Report." 1983