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Record Group 3, University Communications


University Communications is comprised of Creative Services (web and print), Marketing and Strategic Communications, and Media Relations.

Previous names are University Publications, University News & Publications, Office of University Communications, Department of Public Services and Development (1967-?), and Department of Public Relations (?-1967).

Source: "Public Relations Department Becomes 'Public Services'," CSC Newsletter, Fall Quarter, 1967.

File 1

Series 1      

Bulletins--includes catalogs, summer session announcements and other publications (duplicates in BSMT)


see also RG9 S3 F2: Admissions bulletins

   File 1


Red bound. 1890-1935

   File 2


Brown bound. 1935-1984

   File 3


Individual bulletins/catalogs. 1891-

   File 4


Summer school bulletins and brochures. 1904-







General marketing sample publications

   File 1


Bound copies. 1921-1987

   File 2


Loose copies. 1940-

   File 3


List of publications 1984- (FINDING AID for RG3 S2 F2)



Series 3

For Your Information. 1984-



Student and staff directories

   File 1


Student Directory. 1956-1968 

   File 2


Student-Staff Directory. 1968-

   File 3





Series 5

Faculty Bulletin. 1965-1974


The collection of the Faculty Bulletin includes Volumes I-XI, dating from 1965 to November 18, 1974.  Bulletins were distributed weekly with the intention of disseminating information of general interest related to faculty business.  Examples of such information: faculty meetings, legislative reports, procedure changes, recent faculty publications, and doctoral examinations scheduled.



Series 6

University Bulletin. 1975-1983


Volumes 1-10, November 25, 1974-December 16, 1983.  These are a continuation of the Faculty Bulletin.  In each volume there are weekly issues of the University Bulletin published during the period classes are in session (including summer).  They inform faculty and staff about social and professional publications, and doctoral examinations.  



Series 7

Campus. 1981-1988


CAMPUS began as a monthly bulletin distributed free of charge to the faculty and staff members of the University of Northern Colorado. The collection dates from March 13, 1981 to June 13, 1984 at which time the publication ceased. (In the weeks Campus was published, For Your Information, a less formal bulletin, was not published.) Campus is used as an information service to keep its readers up to date on changes and happenings at the University. The contents include a calendar of events and photographs and report of recent events. Books published by faculty members, presentations made at meetings, appointments and elections to offices in professional organizations, and grants and contracts received are highlighted in the columns.

After a year of non-publication, Campus began again with Volume 4 on October 18, 1985. It is intended to be published every other week during the quarter.



Series 8

Journal of Research Services. 1962-1967 (some issues also on fiche)


The Journal of Research Services (RG3 S8) dates from 1962-1967.  There are four volumes 1-4.  In Fall of 1967, the name was changed to Colorado Journal of Educational Research (RG3 S9). These journals were published jointly by the Bureau of Research Services at UNC and the Alpha Mu chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, an education honorary.  They summarized doctoral research completed at UNC and report research completed by faculty members and college divisions.  News concerning projects that were planned or underway was also included.   Check The Source for additional copies.

Bound copies can be found in Periodicals while microfiche copies can be found in Archival Services.



Series 9

Colorado Journal of Educational Research. 1967-1981 (duplicates in BSMT)


Colorado Journal of Educational Research formerly Journal of Research Services, name change as of Volume 7 No. 1, Fall issue 1967.  The first year of publishing (1962), one issue was published, three issues were published in 1963.  From 1964 until 1968, two issues were published yearly.  Starting in 1969, four were published until 1981, the last year of which Archives has copies.  From 1972 through 1975, only three issues were published yearly.  Publication of the Journal ended with Volume 21, No. 2 1982, which is missing from the files. Check The Source for additional copies.

The journals were produced jointly by the Bureau of Research Services at UNC, and the Alpha Mu Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa, an education honorary.  They summarize doctoral research done at UNC and report research completed by faculty members and college divisions.  News concerning projects that were planned or underway is also included.

Bound copies can be found in Periodicals while unbound copies can be found in Archival Services.



Series 10

Information Services Press Releases. 1962-2002


This is a collection of daily press releases issues by the Information Services about the University community beginning in 1962.  The releases are Filed chronologically.


Releases are factual, informational, or human interest stories about the University community.  They are about administration policy, curriculum, faculty and staff accomplishments, hirings, resignations, promotions, workshops, conferences, lectures, concerts, musical programs, theatre presentations, calendars, and weather reports.  Student stories are about activities, scholarships and accomplishments.  Sports information about men and women's sports, game coverage, meets, sports calendars and accomplishments of students.


Copies of the releases are distributed to newspaper, television, radio and educational publications as well as the President of the University.


This series also includes a folder containing News Service Yearly Summary of Activities 1970-1972 as well as a Model Release form and Savage Widetone paper color swatches.


NOTE: Press Releases for 1962-1968 are kept in storage.

  File 1


Finding aid--log 11/24/1982-12/31/1998



Series 11

Class schedules (duplicates in BSMT)



College/University alumni publications

   File 1


Alumni Courier. 1920-1925

   File 2


Alumni Courier. 1928-1930

   File 3


Colorado State College Newsletter, October 1953-Winter 1969

   File 4


CSC On Site, January-June 1970

   File 5


UNC On Site, June 1970-September 1972

   File 6


University of Northern Colorado Alumni News, February 1975-Summer 1981

   File 7


Alumni News, University of Northern Colorado, 1981-October 1987

   File 8


Alumni Notes, University of Northern Colorado, February 1986-May 1988

   File 9


Spectrum, 1988-2004 (duplicates in BSMT)

   File 9-3


Photographs, Correspondence and Production for Spectrum, Sept. 1988-Sept. 1996

   File 10


Nursing Alumni Notes

   File 11


Alumni News 1976

   File 12


Alumni Newsletter 1994



"Around the World with Dobby," 1941-47 see PS3507 O7472 A7 (Faculty Publications: Doubenmier)



Teachers Journal and Abstract, 1926-27 see RG2 S4 F16



Northern Vision, 2004- (see RG3 S14)



Series 13

In Site UNC


In Site UNC was published twice a month during the period from February through May 1971. There are nine issues in the one volume. The publication is similar to UNC On Site, but was published about University personnel for their interest. It contains articles pertaining to the University employees, University functions, and news interests involving the campus itself.



Series 14

Northern Vision. 2004-  



Series 15

UNC Report. 1988-July 15, 2003



Series 16

University films/promotional videos



Former faculty and administrators



see also RG6 S7: Faculty clippings



see also RG6 S9: Faculty photographs



see also RG3 S20: News and Publications photographs



Series 18

Graphic/printing standards manuals


Standards for logos, colors, stationary, signage, printing styles, etc. apply to all official printing produced by the University.  Archives has the following editions: 1980--intro by Richard Bond, 1991--intro by Robert Dickeson, 2000--intro by Hank Brown

   File 1



   File 2


Sample stationeries

   File 3


CSC emblems

   File 4


CSNS, CSC and UNC Emblems

   File 5



   File 6


1980 Graphics manual

   File 7


1991 Graphic/printing standards

   File 8


2000 Graphic Standards

   File 9



   File 10


School/class colors -- Clippings



see also RG1 S13 F2: Official Seals



see also Colors



see also Memorabilia



Series 19

Experts List. 1995-



Photographs used for news and publicity

   File 1






Campus group shots of more than one building

   File 2



   File 3


Aerial photographs of large areas

   File 4



   File 5


Academic life--departments/classes/faculty & staff

   File 6



   File 7


Student Affairs (Activities, Clusters, Disabled, Diversity, Military, Residence Life)

   File 8


Music (some of these News and Publications photos came from the School of Music, August 1996)




Marching band -- see also RG3 S20 F9 Football and F18 Homecoming

   File 9



   File 10


View Books/Summer bulletins

   File 11


University owned houses

   File 12


Slides, transparencies  (These images are Filed by subject with other numbered Files in this Series. File 12 contains no material.)

   File 13



   File 14


Negatives (list and negatives)

   File 15


Administrative Services (Admissions, Advising, Bookstore, Career Services, Computer Center, Foundation, KUNC, Personnel, Registration, RSVP)

   File 16


Colorado mountains

   File 17


Normal School founders

   File 18



   File 19



   File 20


Charter Day, May 1, 1970

   File 21



   File 22


Centennial, 1989

   File 23



   File 24


Guest speakers, special events, awards

   File 25


Cultural centers


People Not Identified Elsewhere

   File 27


Golden Jubilee, 1940



Series 20-1 

Photographs used in publications

  File 1


Photographs of buildings--Duplicates
   *Same items as listed in RG3 S20 F1

  File 2 - File 13


    *Same items as listed in RG3 S20 F2-13



Series 20-2

Lantern slides

   File 1



Normal School and Colorado State Teachers College, 1889-1935

   File 2



Miscellaneous Lantern Slides



Series 20-3

Nitrate Negatives, ca. late 1920s-1940 -- These negatives include views of Gunter Gym, ca. late 1920s-1930s; Gunter interior 1939; 1937 College High School Basketball Champs; "Hi" Bridge Dedication 1940; unidentified theater production; Snyder Hall Balcony, ca. 1938; Winter Scene showing Cranford and the Library, ca. 1938; Library (now Carter Hall) interiors/exteriors, ca. 1938; Unidentified Woman Holding a Sketch of the Remodeled Library, ca. 1938; Bru-Inn, ca. 1939; President George W. Frasier digging the first shovel of dirt for the New Library (now Carter Hall); Heating Plant; Crabbe Hall exterior; Faculty Apartments; Student Union Bldg Check; College High; Model of Carter Hall; and Faculty Clubhouse Door. Archival Services staff have scanned the negatives.

These negatives have deteriorated through the years and are in poor condition.



Series 20-4

Acetate Negatives, ca. 1940-- These negatives were found in an envelope labeled "Greeley Library Dec. 1940." Although there has been some deterioration on these negatives, they are in fairly good condition. Archival Services staff have scanned the negatives.



Series 21

Faculty Staff Newsletter. January 1963-October 1963 v.1-2 (1963 on microfiche)



Series 22

Colorado State College Newsletter.  -1967-



Colorado Teachers College Education Series. #1-12



Series 24

Emeritus Envoy



Series 25

Oral histories collected by News and Publications



Series 26

UNC Today:
February 25, 2000-June 26, 2003
   June 27, 2003-  (electronic File)



Series 27

Educational Reconstruction. 1919-


Beeson, M. F. The Value of Standardized Educational Tests of the Teacher. Series 1, No. 3, June, 1919.



Bell, Louis A. The Reorganization of High School Chemistry. Series 1, No. 4, July, 1919.



Orndorff, Bernice. The Aims and Scope of the Teaching of English in the Junior High School. Series 1, No. 5, August, 1920.



Kimball, Hattie. A Course of Study in Vocational Information. Series 1, No. 6, September, 1920.



Series 28

Channel 8 Beta videos 1995-2001

  File 1


Women's sports (3 tapes numbered #11, 1-3 plus finding aid)

  File 2


Men's sports (8 tapes numbered #6, 6-13 plus finding aid for #6, 1-13)

  File 3


UNC education news (6 tapes numbered #7, 1-6 plus finding aid for #7, 1-6)



Series 29

Greeley Histories



Series 30

Media (CD-ROMs, DVD-ROMs, etc.)


Series 31

University Newsletters for Students

  File 1


Around Campus -- (Electronic only -- newsletter emailed to students)