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Record Group 1, Trustees


Trustees' terms began in April from 1889 until 1973, when legislation provided for a separate board for the University of Northern Colorado, with the trustee terms to begin July 1.

Provisions established a nonvoting, student trustee, beginning July 1, 1975. The student trustee is elected by the student body and must be a full-time junior or senior student at UNC.

Provisions established a non-voting, faculty trustee (RG1 S6), beginning July 1, 1981. The faculty trustee is elected at large by members of the faculty.

Series 1    

Names and photos of Trustees

   File 1



List of names 1889 to date, including secretary/treasurers

   File 2


Lists of photos on File in Archives A-Z

   File 3


Lists of Trustees for each year (incorporated into File 1)

   File 4






Eleven 7"x5" color photographs of the University of Northern Colorado Fall Semester Commencement on December 11, 1993. Individuals in the photographs are identified on the back of the photographs: UNC President Herman Lujan; the commencement speaker, James M. Rosser, President of California State University at Los Angeles; and Trustees Joy Fitzgerald, Bob Tointon, Ada Diaz Kirby, Les Berry, and Darlene Ledoux.


Series 2

Minutes of the Board of Trustees.



1889-1957 Trustees of the State Normal Schools




see also RG2 S4 F4: President Frasier's Board Meeting Notes, 1924-1947




see also RG2 S5 F3: President Ross' Board Meeting Notes, 1948-1964



1957- April 1973 Trustees of the State Colleges in Colorado




see also RG2 S5 F3: President Ross' Board Meeting Notes, 1948-1964



May 1973 - Trustees of the University of Northern Colorado. Legislation H.B. #1537 created a separate Board for the University of Northern Colorado.

   File 1


Minutes, 1889 - current

   File 2


Index of minutes, 1965-1970

   File 3


Digest of minutes, 1965-1967 and 1968-1970


Series 3

Meetings of the Trustees of the University of Northern Colorado. May 1973 -current


Series 4

Trustee Bylaws

   File 1


State Colleges of Colorado. 1962

   File 2


University of Northern Colorado




see also RG1 S17: BOT Policy Manual. 1996-


Series 5

Trustee Rules, Regulations, and Policies

   File 1 


Policy Manual of the Board of Trustees 1996-


Series 6

Faculty Trustee

   File 1


Reports of meetings distributed to University faculty

   File 2 


Supporting documents distributed to Trustees


Series 7

Trustee Notes. Summaries of trustee minutes were distributed occasionally following trustee meetings. Archives' collection is incomplete.


Series 8  

Charter Day. May 1, 1970


Series 9 

Trustee reports/recommendations/correspondence

  File 1


Annual and biannual reports of the Trustees and President 1899-1900 through 1937-1938 (1908-1909 missing).  Includes data on student enrollment, library, diplomas, faculty names and salaries, finances.

   File 2


CARL (Colorado Alliance of Research Libraries)


Series 10

Codification. 1988-1996

   File 1


Codification --as adopted 1988

   File 2 


Codification --amendments

   File 3


Working papers

   File 4


Documents prior to Codification

   File 5


Superseded pages                   




see also RG5 S2 F5: Faculty Handbook. 1988-




see RG1 S17 for BOT Policy Manual    replacing Codification 1996-

   File 6


BOT Policies 1995-


Series 11

Clipping File/biographies

   File 1


Chrono by year

   File 2


Biographies/alpha by name


Series 12

Pictures (Photos in this Series have been moved to RG1 S1 F2. Series 12 contains no material.)


Series 13

Official items

   File 1


An Act to establish and maintain a State Normal School document (copy)

   File 2


Official seals/flags/pennants




see also RG3 S18 Graphic standards

   File 3  


Deeds to University owned properties (historical/copies), correspondence, property list

   File 4


Revenue bonds

   File 5


Oath of office

   File 6  




Series 14

College histories

   File 1 


Robert Larson. Shaping Educational Change. 1989.  Research materials




see also RG2 S4 F11: Correspondence with Jane Frasier Smith




see also RG6 S6 F2: Oral histories




see also RG20 S3 F3 for photos used in the book

   File 2 


History of the Graduate School 1913-1955 Arthur F. Zimmerman.

   File 3


William F. Hartman. The History of Colorado State College of Education --Two field studies--The Normal School Period, 1890-1911 and The Teachers College Period, 1911-1935

   File 4


Glen Turner--1980 letter

   File 5 


William R. Ross. The Story of Colorado State College of Education Part I--From 1890 to 1954, Part II--Annual Report 1954-1955




see also "Subject/Topical Index" -- Histories, College

   File 6 



   File 7


Student record/grade book 1890-1901 (photocopy)


Series 15

College Biennial Reports. 1891-1912


Series 16

Operational budgets approved by BOT



see RG8 S1 F1-1: Nonacademic administration--Finances


Series 17

Policy Manual. 1996-

   File 1 


University Regulations. 2000-



Series 18

BOT personnel actions



see also Archives Studies v.4 Faculty Roster 1889-1983



Series 19

Trustees materials