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RG7 S5 F7

Pakistan (International program)

RG6 S3 F1


A Collection of the Writing of Jack Shaw v.3 (LB875 S438)

RG2 S1 F1


Funding--Book 5

RG3 S12


UNC Alumni News



see also LG115. S438



RG9 S12

Pandemic Planning Committee



C9 S3 F5 

Panorama. (Annual supplement to Greeley Tribune)


R10 S5 F6-4

Parents Day.



RG8 S3 F2 


RG15 S16 F3


Roads folder



see also RG11 S7 Parking committee



RG8 S2 F3-4 

PASC (Professional and Administrative Staff Council)




Path of Class -- see Alumni


RG15 S4 

Patton, George



RG9 S10 

Peace Corps




PEC ( Professional Education Council)



RG4 S9 F2

Pedagogy -- degree diplomas



RG10 S5 F8-15

Peer Education, Center for (CPE)





SC 92


Adrian R. Otoupalik Colorado State College Memorabilia Collection



see also Flags and Pennants



see also Memorabilia




Pep bands

RG12 S12 F1


“This is Greek Week at CSC.”  Greeley Tribune, Oct. 4, 1960, p. 12

RG12 S12 F1


“College and Greeley High Bands In Parade.”  Greeley Tribune, June 27, 1957, p. 9. 

RG9 S24


UNC Bear Necessities, 2009



see also Band




PERA (Colorado Public Employees Retirement Association)



RG7 S5 F4 

Perchlick Committee Report. 1976 (CSAP)




Performance contract see College Opportunity Fund (performance contract)




Performing and Visual Arts, College of

RG12 S11 F8


Calendars (theater, opera, dance)

RG7 S1 F7-1


CPA hearing transcript, 1982

RG3 S14


"Harmonic Convergence" in Spectrum , December 2002, pp. 16-18



PVA Gala



see also -- Archives Studies v.25 (Theatre/Opera/Dance Productions by CSNS, CTC, CSCE, CSC, UNC; 1889- )




Personnel--Search committee files (discard after five years per Josie Sanchez AA/EO 12/1994)




Personnel, Classified



see also Classified Afternoon Event




Personnel policies

RG1 S17


BOT policies. 1996-

RG8 S2 F3-2



RG5 S2 F1





RG8 S2  

Personnel Services  -1998.   (1998-  Human Resources)



RG8 S2 F3-3  

Personnel roster--salaries & names   -1999



see also RG8 S2 F3-3 Staffing Pattern. 1999-




Personnel Rules and Regulations   see RG8 S2 F2-1: Rules and Regulations of the Colorado State Personnel System




Petrikin, J. M. B. (John Montgomery Brindle), trustee 1899-1903 --

LB1840 G72 C3


"J. M. B. Petrikin," p.328 ff. In Forty Years of Colorado State Teachers College by Albert Frank Carter

F782. W38 v.5


"Petrikin's Farm," p. 337. In Weld County Old & New Gazetteer & Dictionary of Place Names by Carol Rein Shwayder

F782 W4 B23 1970 pp.152-160


Biographical chapter in Ball, Geo. Go West Young Man. F782 W4 B23 1970 pp.152-160

RG1 S11 F2



RG2 S2 F4


Letter from. In In Memorium Zachariah Xenophon Snyder




Petrikin Farm (site of University Center)

RG15 S4


Athletic field development (Petrikin Farm Campus Development)

RG1 S2


BOT Minutes. 9/15/1958, 1/31/1959 p.10

RG10 S1 F3


Cache la Poudre. 1964--picture on end papers




RG15 S16




RG3 S20 F3



Aerial photos--West campus

RG15 S13 F4


Pierce, Morris--legal documents

RG15 S4


West Campus Development Project



see also Inspiration Point



see also Larson. LD4011 N269 L37 1989. pp.229-230



see also University Center



RG7 S9AS F2 

Phi Alpha Theta (History)





RG6 S7 F1


Clippings in "Lee, Gertrude" file

RG6 S7 F1


Clippings in "Troxel O. L." file

RG10 S1 F1



"Letters from Manila" by UNC Alum. in Crucible. 1898-1901



RG7 S9AS F20

Philosophy Department



RG3 S17 & S20,
   RG20 & RG21 


RG18 S14



RG15 S5 F3-1


Athletes. Photographs for inventory purpose, 1995, of groupings of photos on display in Gunter, with inventory numbers



RG3 S20



Photographs used for news and publicity

RG15 S8



Photographs and slides including construction and renovation photos

RG15 S17



Building Survey. 1954-

SC 48 



Hazel E. Johnson Collection

RG10 S8


BYU protest, 1970 (wrestling)

RG15 S17


Calvin, Skeets -- college photographer

RG10 S6 F5


Dance, 1948-1969

SC 13


Depression era photos (U.S. Farm Security Admin.)

RG7 S7 F21


Doctoral candidates




Industrial Arts recipients



Earliest photos

RG10 S8



Class of 1890

RG3 S20 F1




SC 48





Cornerstone--Cranford--Hazel Johnson

RG20 S3 F3





Cornerstone--Cranford--Robert Larson

RG20 S3 F3





First graduating class--Robert Larson

RG20 S1 F8





1924-28 Scrapbook

RG6 S7 F1



Faculty Clipping File

RG6 S9



Faculty Members Photographs

RG10 S5 F2


Greek organizations (houses and members)



Greeley. LB1840 G746 1976 H35



Hartman, William collection

SC 48


Hazel Johnson (history of UNC)

RG14 S6


Laboratory School



Lantern slides

RG3 S20-2 F1





Normal School and Colorado State Teachers College, 1889-1935

SC 27


Lotz Colo. State College collection 1925-1957

RG7 S5 F11



RG10 S1 F2



RG3 S17


News & Publications--administrators & faculty

RG3 S20


News & Publications photo file



Presidents/portraits (HERCULES)

RG20 S3 F3


Shaping Educational Change. 1989.  Photographs used in book

RG10 S8


Student protest at State Capitol, 1967

RG10 S8



RG12 S1 F2


Summer assemblies, some guest lecturer photos from 1962-67

RG3 S1 F4


Summer school bulletins in 1950s have faculty photos

RG1 S1 F2






RG10 S1 F3



Cache La :Poudre, 1907-1971, 1979-1984, 2000-2001

RG14 S1



Bulldog and Yearbooks (Lab School) 1924-200. See early issues of Cache la Poudre for entries prior to 1924






see also Graduations



RG10 S1 F3

Physical Education Association. 1920-



Photo in Cache la Poudre. 1921 p.183




Physical Training, Department of




Pillars (architectural)

SC48 F1





see also "Grounds"




Pilot training see Civilian Pilot Training Program




Pioneer statue 1914. In Carter. LB1840 G72 C3 p.387

RG10 S9


Mirror article 10/13/1927 p.6

RG3 S20 F2


Oversized photo

RG3 S14


Roberts' article in Spectrum. 12/2000 pp.16-17

RG3 S14 F1


Roberts' research notes and drafts of 12/2000 article

RG3 S1 F4


Summer term catalog 1915 p.93

RG10 S1 F2



Vandalism to rifle, Mirror May 16, 1929 p.2





SC 23



See -- David and Lydia Miller Earth Building Collection




RG9 S11


Career Services/Placement

RG10 S1 F2


"Growth of Placement Bureau Since 1925 due to Management on part of Robert H. Morrison,"
Mirror, June 23, 1927, p. 10.

RG9 S11 F8


Placement information on students appeared in the "Alumni" section of the Crucible as well as the Mirror and the Greeley Tribune.


RG6 S11 F1

Plagiarism. 1980

RG13 S9 F11-  2


Bibliography of news articles. 1979-80



"Digital Age Proctor" by Gloria Reynolds in Spectrum, December 2002, pp.14-15



RG4 S10

Plan B papers. 1949-


RG9 S12

Planned Parenthood (in UNC Health Center)





RG15 S1


1950 -- Long Range Development Program

RG15 S1


1962 -- Physical Plant Development

RG11 S17


1976 -- Master Planning Committee

RG2 S7 F8


1976 -- University (President Bond)

RG15 S3


1981 -- Facilities and Operations

RG 15 S1


Long range plans

RG15 S3


Master plans

RG2 S12 F10-2


President’s Planning Council, 2007-

RG15 S13 F4


Reports on plans and on buildings (Morris Pierce Collection)

RG15 S2


Space utilization

RG15 S4


Utilities for West campus



See also -- A Century of Campus Planning and Construction at the University of Northern Colorado by Morris Pierce (LB1840.G747 1988 .P54)



RG2 S8 F3

Plan for the Future. 1982



see also Charting the Future



see also Retrenchment 1982-85




Plants (Utilities)



see -- Cogeneration Plant



see -- Heating



Plaques (Artifacts, Plaques & Memorabilia)



RG10 S5 F1 

Platonian Literary Society




Plays presented



see 1889- in Archives Studies v.25




see 1934-1984 in Archives Studies v.13 (superseded by: Archives Studies v.25)





RG10 S1 F7


Colorado North Review. 1974-

RG10 S1 F1


Crucible. 1892-1921

RG14 S2


Laboratory School--student publications



Poets, Colorado see Robert King faculty file




Police, Campus see Public safety




Policy Manual see Trustees




Political activities of University personnel

RG5 S3 F6-1


Policies, Summer 1968



RG7 S9AS F12

Political Science, Dept. of

RG7 S12 F2


PRET Report, 1982



RG12 S10

Political speeches on campus


RG10 S5 F7

Pom Poms (Cheerleaders, Pom Poms, Yell Leaders, Stunts, etc.)




Postage stamps

SC 37


Japanese stamps

SC 56


Lucas (Lawrence of Arabia)

SC 25


Todd (MEDIA)





RG18 S14 F6


Alumni postcard collection--old campus photos

SC48 S1


Campus scenes



RG2 S3 F3 




see also Religion








President of the United States. Signatures

SC 34


Coolidge, Calvin

RG2 S5 F4


Eisenhower, Dwight David. Ross correspondence



Nixon, Richard. Thomas Collection

RG20 S1 F9


Roosevelt, Eleanor. Nora Roop Collins

SC 1-01


Truman, Harry S. James A. Michener Special Collection. Centennial Series X.





RG2 S1



Gray, Thomas




Hays, James H. (Interim President)

RG2 S2



Snyder, Z. X.

RG10 S1 F2



Resume of Snyder in 1913 Cache la Poudre . p.11




Hays, James H. (Interim President)

RG2 S3



Crabbe, John

RG2 S4



Frasier, George Willard




see also Rhetorical Study of the Public Speaking of George Willard Frasier. Holley. LB1840 G744 1961 H61

RG2 S5



Ross, William

RG3 S22



Review of Ross' presidency--Spring/Summer 1964 issue




see also The Four Seasons of William R. Ross. 1980.  LD4011 .N269 R68 1980

RG2 S6



Holmes, Darrell



1969, 1971

Lakin, Frank P. (Interim President)

RG2 S7



Bond, Richard




Biographical info. 1967-1977 while Dean of Faculty @ ISU in A Place of Education. LD2347 C45

RG1 S3




Evaluation of performance--BOT minutes 6/1980. Bond




Manning, Charles (Acting President)

RG2 S8



Dickeson, Robert




Davies, Richard O. (Acting President)




Hulbert, Stephen T. (Interim President)

RG2 S9



Lujan, Herman

RG1 S3




Evaluation of performance--BOT policy 3/10/1995. Lujan




Skinner, Howard (Interim President)




Brown, Hank




Kay Norton

RG3 S20 F4


Photos of presidents, News & Publications

RG3 S20 F4





see also Clippings



RG19 S1 F4

President's Circle (Foundation)



SC 27

President's house razed, photographs, Lotz



President's Leadership Program

RG7 S5 F6-10


Center for Honors, Scholars and Leadership

RG19 S3 F1


President's Prize for Leadership award, 1991



see also -- Scholarships



RG2 S12 F10-2

President’s Planning Council, 2007-




President's Prize for Leadership see Scholarships




Press releases

RG3 S10  

Information Services Press Releases. 1962-2002



News Central (online)


RG7 S12 F2 

PRET (Program Review)




Pride of the Rockies marching band

RG10 S1 F3


Cache la Poudre 1955 first names band "Pride of the Rockies" p.25

RG10 S1 F2


Mirror article 11/5/1954 p.3 first mention of new name for marching band

RG6 S7 F1


Walker, Wayman folder

RG7 9PVA F11


Pride of the Rockies marching band



Discontinued in 1982



see also Band




Printing standards see Graphic standards



RG9 S2 F1 

Privacy of student records



RG8 S3 F7 

Processor. (Computer Center)


RG8 S1 F16

Procurement Card Program Administration



RG7 S16 

Professional Administrative Exempt Staff Council (PASC)



RG8 S2 F4 

Professional Development and Training, Center for. 1987-



RG8 S2 F5 

Professional development before 1987




see also RG7 S10 F11: Faculty Development Newsletter




Professional Education Council (PEC)



RG5 S4 F12 

Professional Teacher Education Programs (PTEP)




Professor of the Year

Presented by the Student Representative Council (SRC)

A plaque listing all of the professors is located on the wall next to the Information Desk on the second floor of the University Center.



1972 -- Nelson, Ted (Dean of Students)



1985  -- Elsea, John E. (Accounting)



1986 -- Dietz, John L. (Geography)



1987  -- Barnard, William A. (Psychology)



1988 -- Trelogan, Thomas K. (Philosophy)



1995 -- Elsea, John (Accounting)

RG10 S5 F8-16



RG6 S7 F1


Faculty Clippings



see also -- Outstanding Professor Award




Program Review and Priorities, Commission on

RG7 S19 F1


1996 Academic Program Review documents

RG20 S2



RG7 S19


Program Review Procedures. 1989



RG7 S9ED F15 

Project 30 (teacher education) 1989

RG13 S9 F14-1


Library literacy presentation



RG5 S6 F1

Promotion, tenure, sabbatic leaves




Proms see Entertainment, Proms, Dances, Balls, etc.



RG7 S2

Proposals for new degrees

RG5 S3 F6-15


Senate documents on new degree proposals



RG13 S5 F12

Prospector (Combined catalog of Colorado Alliance Research Libraries)




Protests see Student protests





RG7 S1


Academic Vice Presidents and similar authorities

RG12 S38


Provost Colloquium Speaker Series


RG7 S9ED F20 

Psychology, Dept. of

RG7 S12 F2


PRET Report, 1982

RG13 S9 F5-1 


Themes in Physiological Psychology. 1899. QP355 C646



RG5 S4 F12

PTEP (Professional Teacher Education Programs)




Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA)



RG19 S2 F4

Public Relations



RG8 S3 F3 

Public safety

RG10 S3


5/18/1978. Dead baby found in Turner. Mirror 5/19/1978 p.1



9/24/1996. McCowen hostages. Gunman slain

RG8 S3 F3



Public Safety

RG10 S1 F2 



The Mirror, September 24, 25 & 26, 1996

RG8 S3 F18-5



Newspaper clippings in Housing & Residence Life Collection







RG8 S3 F3



Deaths, accidental or not (on campus and off, students)






see also Alumni biographies/clippings. RG18 S16 F1

RG6 S7 F1


Guns for officers, Arbogast folder

RG2 S7 F5





Bond clippings 1974-1977

RG8 S3 F3



RG11 S7


Safety/Security/Parking Committee

RG8 S3 F3


Sexual assault 




see also RG9 S6: Counseling Center

RG8 S3 F3


Shootings on campus

RG8 S3 F3


Vandalism on campus




see also Violence on campus




Public Schools. 1914-1918



RG8 S3 F3 

Public Services, Dept. of [1970-72?]







see -- Guides



see -- Journals



see -- Press Releases



see -- Newsletters



see -- Newspapers, student



see -- Laboratory School (Lab/Training School)


see -- Publications, Faculty



see -- Publications, Student


see -- Web Portals



RG6 S3 

Publications, Faculty

RG6 S3 F3


Articles and ephemera

RG6 S3 F1



RG14 S2 F2


Faculty and Administration Publications (Lab School)

RG5 S4 F4


Faculty Research and Publications Board



see also Zimmerman. LB1840 G88 Z555



Publications, Student

RG7 S4 F3


Student Media Corporation publishes Mirror and Colorado North Review. NCA Self Study 1994. p.216

RG10 S1 


Student Publications -- includes newspapers, magazines, yearbooks, and miscellaneous student publications

RG14 S2 F1


Student Publications (Lab School)

RG14 S1


Yearbooks, 1920-2000 (Lab School)


see also -- Handbooks, Students




Purcell, Colorado



1890-1949.  Irrigation Potential and Agricultural Settlement in Submarginal Land: An Example from Weld County, Colorado. David Brooks Green. LB1840 G744 G74 1980



RG19 S1 F8

Purple and Gold Society




PVA Gala



PWA (could be variation of WPA -- Work Projects Administration)

RG15 S10


Carter remodel

RG15 S10



RG15 S10



RG15 S10