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RG7 S5 F10

Off Campus Programs

RG13 S9 F8




Off Campus Library Services renamed Extended Campus Library Services 9/1996- (separate services discontinued 7/1/1997)



RG7 S10 F10

Off the Wire. 1985- (Arts & Sciences)



RG9 S26 F1

Office of Multicultural Affairs (Student Affairs)



RG12 S10 &
    RG10 S5 F22





Old Man Mountain Camp, Estes Park

RG15 S17




Building Survey

RG15 S10





RG15 S3




Facilities master plan 1981--Self maintaining property

RG15 S1




Physical Plant Development. 1962 pp.18-19





see also Campus in the Sky--Estes Park




Olympus see Camp Olympus



RG9 S27 F1

OMA-State Farm Multicultural Partnership




Ombudsman. 1971-1983

RG10 S5 F6




Proposal Committee. 1969-70 Associated Students last section




Open Access Publishing

RG13 S21 S27




Scholarly Communication Committee (Library)



Open Road, Inc. [1940?]

RG10 S1 F2




1930, Mar. 13 Mirror. p.3 "Itinerary completed for CTC travel group." Europe

RG3 S1 F2




Bulletin. 1939-40

RG10 S1 F2




James A. Michener at White House explains program. Mirror 2/7/1941

RG3 S1 F4




Summer school brochures. 1940 & 1941





see also School and Society. v.51 4/6/1940 p.449




Open University see Free University




Opera programs see Theater/opera/dance



RG7 S18 F1 

Opera theatre, history of the program in 1983 School of Music Center for Excellence




Operating budgets see Budget, Operational




Oral history

RG6 S6




Oral history tapes--faculty

RG7 S9AS F17




Colorado Oral History and Migratory Labor Project

SC 87




Cache La Poudre Oral History Collection

RG22 S2




Black Women of Today Oral History Project




Organ in Little Theatre--RG2 S1 F8 Bk 8 last pages




Organization charts

RG1 S10




Codification 1.2.7

RG9 S1 F4-1 




Student Affairs, Division of

RG8 S1 F1 




University (Budgets for 1990- have org. charts)

RG8 S3 F10




University administration--in annual report Division of Finance & Admin. 1991-92

RG7 S4 F3 




University administrators 1994-95--in NCA self study 1994-95




Organization, narrative descriptions

RG7 S4 F3




NCA self study 1994-1995




Organizations, Student

RG10 S5




Greek organizations, social

RG10 S6




Honorary student organizations

RG10 S5 F6




List of organizations registered with Associated Students

RG10 S1 F1




Organizations--regular column in Crucible. 1892-1921

RG10 S1 F2




Student Cabinet in 1913 Cache la Poudre. p.37

RG10 S4




Student handbooks for various years list organizations





see also Art Club





see also "Organizations/Sports/Clubs: An Index to the Cache la Poudre. 1907-71; 1979-84"





see also Physical Education Association. 1920





see also Student organizations web site




Orientation, Faculty

RG7 S1




Orientation of new faculty -- check under the name of each Provost

RG7 S1 F16




Orientation of new faculty. Aug. 23, 2006




Orientation, Students

 RG9 S3 F4




Orientation of new students





see also Visitation




Outstanding Professor Award.

Presented by the graduating class. "A Prof to Get Award,"Mirror, May 24, 1963, p. 6.

The metal boxes mentioned in the May 24, 1963 article are filed under RG10 S7, Annual Class Records--Time Capsules.

A "honorary board" listing all of the professors is located on the wall next to the Information Desk on the second floor of the University Center.






1939. Dr. Zachariah Snyder. President, 1891-1915.





1960. Dr. John Bothell. Education.





1961. Dr. John S. Welling. Social Science.





1962. Anthony Marie Rossi. Physical Education.





1971. Heimerl, Beatrice





see also -- RG10 S9, Class Gifts

RG10 S5 F6-5





RG6 S7 F1




Faculty Clippings





see also Professor of the Year Award