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RG7 S9BUS F7    

NAFTA Institute. 1994- (COBA)




Name changes for institution see also various names in index

RG3 S20 F7


Photographs in Activities folder

RG19 S3 F4


UNC Centennial--audio taped histories of various names




National Center on Low-Incidence Disabilities see National Center on Severe and Sensory Disabilities



RG7 9SED F13-4

National Center on Severe and Sensory Disabilities (formerly National Center on Low-Incidence Disabilities). 2001-



RG12 S10

National Conference for Christians & Jews/National Conference for Community & Justice



RG1 S2 

National Council of Black Studies Site Visit Report.  Feb. 1984



see also Diversity



RG7 S9ED F25

National Council on Teacher Quality


RG7 S5 F6

National Conference on Undergraduate Research (Honors Program)


RG7 S5 F8 

National Faculty Exchange




National Institute for Nursing Education and Scholarship (NINES). 2008-




National Public Radio see Radio, KUNC



RG10 S12

National Student Exchange



RG9 S9 F5 

Native Americans

RG SC48 S1


1921, "Glory of the Morning" in "Theatricals" folder

RG10 S1 F2



1931, 11/5 Mirror p.1 & 6. Cherokee Chief's daughter enrolled (Billie Ross)






see also Cache la Poudre. 1934 p.24, 88, 201

RG10 S1 F2



1938, 4/9 Mirror p.1. Ogallala Sioux, Marjorie Haukaas






see also Cache la Poudre. 1939 p.42, 208, 270

RG C9 S4



RG13 S14 F1-2


Kachina dolls (Hopi) art exhibit (6/6/1986-7/11/1986)






see also E98 A7 L44 1990 Faculty publication: Coronel

RG7 S20 F5


Native American Student Services

RG C9 S4


"Race/Ethnicity--Native Americans" in Weld County




see also RG7 S20: Minority Affairs



see also RG9 S26 F1 (Culture Lives newsletter)



see also RG7 S20 F5 (Native Connections newsletter)




NCA see North Central Association



RG7 S4 F1

NCATE accreditation materials



RG8 S3 F7 

NCHEMS descriptive information 1975




New Nursery School see Nursery School




New student handbooks see Student handbooks



RG10 S1 F9 

New Student Record/Freshman record. (1973, 1975-1978, 1985-1990/91)




News releases see Press releases







see also Newspapers, student



see also Journals

RG7 S9AS F1-7


A&S Newsletter. Vol. 1, No. 1, Nov. 23, 1976-Vol. 5, no. 1, Feb. 9, 1981. (Arts and Sciences)

RG7 S10 F9


A&S Newsletter. (Arts and Sciences)



Academic Affairs Newsletter. see UNC Newsletter

RG5 S5 F10


Advisor. 1992- (UniServ-CEA)

RG9 S17 F2


Advisor's Advisor. 1992- (Academic Advising)

RG18 S2 F1



RG3 S12


Alumni News. 1975-1987 (University Publications)

RG18 S2


Alumni Notes. (University Publications)

C3 S1 F4



RG3 S31 F1


Around Campus -- (Electronic only -- newsletter emailed to students)

RG6 S3 F1


Around the World with Dobby (Doubenmier)



Artistry. 1998- (for PVA alumni)

RG7 S9AS F4-2


Arts & Sciences (College of Arts & Sciences). Spring 2004 issue.



Arts [yr] Newsletter. (Performing & Visual Arts)

RG7 S20 F1


Beacon. v.1 -1996- (Minority Affairs) 

RG18 S2


Bear Crossing. 2011- . (e-newsletter). (Alumni Association).

Inside UNC was incorporated into Bear Crossing in September 2011.

RG19 S1 F4


Bear Facts. (Blue & Gold Club)

RG9 S4


Bear Facts. (Financial Aid)

RG8 S3 F17-1


Bear in Mind (Health & Safety/Environmental Health & Safety)

RG9 S3 F5


Bear Print Newsletter for Parents (Admissions)



The Bear Report: The Official Gameday Magazine of UNC Athletics, 1999-

RG7 S10 F13


Bearings. (Academic Affairs). Spring/Summer 2008-

RG23 S10


Bearskin. (Athletics, unofficial publication by John Hancock). [1940/1941- ?]. No issues available, only articles in the Mirror: "John Hancock to Publish 'Bearskin,' Mirror, Dec. 12, 1940, p. 4; "May Bearskin Issues Goes to CSCE Boosters," Mirror, May 9, 1941, p. 4.

RG13 S4 F1


Bibliotech. 1988- (Library)

RG9 S9 F1


Black Starline. Vol 12, Issue 1, Oct. 1997-Vol. 14, No. 4, Winter 1999 (Incomplete). (Marcus Garvey)

RG18 S3


Blueprint (Alumni). Spring 2008, Issue 1

RG11 S39


Board of Athletic Control Newsletter. Jan. 2008 (Vol. 1, Issue 1) -



Building Business Excellence (MCB)

RG14 S2 


Bulldog. (various titles). (Lab School)

RG3 S7


Campus. 1981-88

RG8 S3 F18-7


Campus Recreation. 2009-

RG6 S7 F1


Candelaria. 1982- (Candelaria Assoc.)

RG9 S11 F6


Career Connection. (Career Services)

C3 S2 F2


Centennial State Libraries. (Colorado State Library)

RG7 S10 F7


Center for Research on Teaching and Learning Newsletter

RG8 S3 F5


Chri-er. Vol. III, No. 1, Sept. 1979- Feb. 1980 (Department of Housing)

RG8 S2 F34


Classified. (SPEEC Newsletter) -1992-

RG7 S21


Collaboration. 1995- (Tointon Institute)

RG7 S10 F3


Colorado Perspective. 1989- (Continuing Education)

RG3 S22


Colorado State College Newsletter.

RG7 S7 F7


Communique (Graduate School)

RG8 S3 F7


Computer Center Newsletter. 1982-1988 (Computer Center)

RG7 S5 F10

Connections. (Continuing Education)

RG3 S12


CSC On Site. (Alumni)  see RG13 S9 F5-1 for micro

RG7 S10 F4


CSPA Alumni Newsletter. 1989- (College Student Personnel Administration)

RG7 S10 F4


CSPA Newsletter. 1969-1988 (College Student Personnel Administration)



CTAT Field Report. (Rehabilitation)

RG9 S26 F1


Culture Lives Vol. III, 2008

RG9 S9 F2


Cumbres Newsletter. Online. Fall 2006-

RG3 S1 F21 1939-40, 1941-42


The Custodian. Feb. 1940 (v. I no.1) - Apr. 1942 (v. III, no. 2).

RG5 S5 F5-2


Dames Doings. (Faculty Dames)



Dashboards, Dec. 31, 2008- (Enrollment Management and Student Access)

C3 S1 F4


DataLink. (CARL)



Dining News see Dining Services Newsletters

RG8 S3 F6


Dining Services Newsletters

RG9 S3 F5


Discover UNC. 1981-83 (Admissions)

RG10 S5 F8-10


Diversity v.1- 1995- (SRC)

RG7 S20 F5


Drum, The (Native American students)

RG8 S3 F7


DSC News. 1992 (Computer Center)



Earth Science News. April 1982. (Earth Sciences)

RG7 S9ED F18


Educational Futures. (Education)

RG3 S24


Emeritus Envoy.

RG8 S3 F18


Enrollment Management & Student Access Update, Fall 2008-



English Department Newsletter. Vol. I, No. I, May, 1977-Spring 1981.

RG7 S10 F5 


English Newsletter. 1977- (English Dept.)

RG8 S3 F5


EPT Activities. 1976 (Vol. 1, Nos. 3, 4, 6, 9). (Housing)




Explorer. 1997- (Health & Human Sciences)

RG3 S5



Faculty Bulletin. 1965-1974 (University Publications)

RG7 S10 F11



Faculty Development Newsletter. -1983-

RG5 S3 F6-3



Faculty Senate Forum. 1985- (Faculty Senate)



Fitness/Wellness Newsletter. 2001-

RG3 S3



For Your Information. (FYI) 1984- (University Publications)

RG19 S1 F6


Foundation Focus. (UNC Foundation)



Gameday: the Official Magazine of UNC Athletics,  -1998

RG19 S1 F11


GiftLegacy eNewsletter (UNC Foundation)




RG10 S5 F25


Grad Life (Graduate Student Association)

RG7 S7 F7



Graduate School Newsletter. 1983- (Graduate School)

RG9 S11 F4



Hiring Times. (Career Services)

RG9 S9 F2


Hispanic Horizons. 1987-1995 (Hispanic Cultural Center)  Title changed to The Horizons. 1996-

RG7 S10 F8


History Newsletter. 1989- (History Dept.)

RG7 S5 F6-11


Honors Connection. v.1., no. 1, Oct. 2011- . (Honors Program)

RG7 S5 F6-2


Honors Newsletter. v.1. no. 1, Oct.1968-v.l, no. 2, Oct. 1969. (Honors Program)

RG9 S9 F2


Horizons. 1996- (Cesar Chavez Cultural Center)



HSS News. Spring 2010-

RG13 S4 F4


Humanist. 1971-72 (Library)



IDD Newsletter. 2014- . (Instructional Design & Development).

RG13 S4 F9


In Techtrospect. 1975 (Library)

RG19 S2 F4


Inside UNC. May 2009- August 2011. (e-newsletter. (Media Relations).

Inside UNC merged with Bear Crossing in September 2011.

RG10 S1 F6

Inter-Log. v.1 no.1 1982

RG9 S8


International Faculty Forum Newsletter. 1998- (CIE)

RG7 S5 F20


International News & Views. Oct./Nov. 1997-Apr./May 1999 (Center for International Education)

RG7 S5 F20


International News & Views. Dec. 1995/Jan. 1996 & Feb./Mar. 1997 (International Student Services)

RG7 S5 F20


International News & Views. Oct./Nov. 1995.(International Student Services)

RG9 S8


International Student Newsletter. (International Student Services)

RG10 S1 F8


Jackson City News. 1948 (Student publication)



JournaLetter. Aug. 1973-Oct. 1977. (Journalism Dept.). see also -- UNC Journaletter.

RG3 S2 F2


KUNC-FM Preview. Octo. 1979- . Most issues list a month but not a year

RG9 S9 F1-1


Legionnaire. Winter 1994. (Marcus Garvey Cultural Center)

RG13 S4 F20


Library Letters

RG13 S4 F5


Library Newsletter. 1974-76 (Library)

RG7 S22 


Link (RMCRI ). Fall 2008.

RG8 S2 F4


Linking Pin. (Training Center)

RG7 S10 F12


Marketing Association Newsletter. v5 1996

    McNair Scholars Program. Winter 2008- .

RG13 S4 F8


Microforms Unlimited. 1974-79 (Library)

RG7 S9ED F18


Monday Morning in McKee. August 24, 1998-October 27, 2003



Mosaico Hispánico. No. 1, Spring 1984. (Hispanic Studies)

RG9 S19 F1


Museletter, Fall 2009-Spring 2010 (Women's Resource Center)

RG7 S20 F5


Native Connections. (vol. 2, Issue 1, Sept. 2, 2002) (Native American Student Services)

RG8 S3 F18-5


New Beginnings (Housing & Residence Life), Aug. 2008-Sept. 2009

RG5 S5 F5-2


News and Cues. (Faculty Dames)

RG13 S12 F4


News from the Friends. (Library)



Newsletter: Health and Physical Education for Women. ?1945-51? see RG2 S4 F10 and RG2 S5 F4 Health Division folders

RG7 S17 F2


Newsletter: Standards Based Education Projects. 1995- (Academic Affairs)

RG8 S3 F8


Next Page, The. Vol. 1, Fall 1986-Vol. 9, Fall 1990 (University Bookstore)



NHS News. Spring 2008-



Northern Colorado Business Review. v.1-12 #3 1973-1982 (School of Business)

RG8 S4 F2


Northern High Lights. 1995- (University Affairs)

RG8 S3 F18-5


Number 3 Ditch, The. Nov. 2, 1976 (vol. I, ed. I)-July 27, 1982 (Department of Housing) -- in "Faculty Apartments & Student Family Apartments Scrapbook, 1970s-1980s"

RG3 S12


Nursing Alumni Notes. -1995-

RG7 S10 F10


Off the Wire. 1985- (Arts and Sciences)

RG8 S3 F7


Office Automation Newsletter. 1985-86 (Computer Center)

RG C3 S1 F4



RG13 S4 F3


Open Book. 1989-1990 (Library)

RG7 S7 F1-3


Perspectives & Profiles (Graduate Council). Spring 1997 (premier issue)-Spring 1998

RG7 S10 F6


Poetry Newsletter. 1978 (English Dept.)

RG2 S8 F23


President/Board Newsletter. 1983-86 (President)

RG8 S3 F7


Processor. 1988 (Computer Center)

RG19 S1 F8


Purple and Gold Society Newsletter



Radi-Us. 1991 (Community Health)

RG7 S9ED F18 


Reflections. 1974 (Education)



Rehab Leadership Through Distance Learning. 1995 (COBA)

RG7 S20 F4


RepresentASIAN. Oct. 1996-Fall 2001.

RG7 S9HHS F3-3


RSVP "Newsette"



Scope. 1995 (Student Nurses' Assoc.)

RG19 S4 F1


Search & Research. Jan. 1990 (vol. 1, no. 1) -Apr. 1999 (vol. 8, no. 7). (UNC Research Corp.).

RG7 S7 F25


Search & Research. Oct. 1999 (vol. 9, no. 1) - . (Sponsored Programs & Academic Research Center).

RG2 S8 F14


Semester Conversion Newsletter. 1986-88

RG7 S7 F23



Sources of Support for Research & Scholarship. (Graduate School)

RG8 S2 F3-4



SPEEC Newsletter. (State Personnel Employees Executive Council))

RG8 S2 F3-4


SPEEC UP! (electronic newsletter of the State Personnel Employees Executive Council (SPEEC)

RG10 S5 F8-6


SRC Morning Memo.

RG2 S0 F3


Strategic Planning Report. no. 1- 9/1992-

RG10 S5 F8-7


Student Representative Council Newsletter. [1979-1980]

RG7 S9NHS F5-1


TACE Newsletter. Dec. 2008 (Vol. 1, Issue 1) - . (Region VIII Technical Assistance and Continuing Education (TACE)).

RG8 S3 F13-6


Technically Speaking: UNC’s Information Technology Newsletter. 2007-



The Thing (summers only). [1969-1977?].

RG10 S5 F7


Thurgood Marshall Club. (Africana Studies)

RG14 S2


TLC--Thinking Learning Caring Community. (Lab School) 1994-

RG7 S21


Tointon Times

RG1 S7


Trustee Notes

RG13 S4 F18


UL News. 1998- (Libraries)

RG9 S10 F2


UNC Advisor. (Academic Advising)

RG18 S2


UNC Alumni News.

RG8 S3 F7


UNC Computing News. 1991 (Computer Center)

RG5 S5 F5-2


UNC Dames Newsletter



UNC Dining Services see Dining Services Newsletters

RG5 S5 F5-2


UNC Faculty Dames Newsletter. (Faculty Dames)

RG9 S3 F5


UNC et cetera. 1983 (Admissions)



UNC IT News see "Technically Speaking"



UNC Journaletter. Fall, 1988. (Journalism & Mass Communication). see also -- JournaLetter

RG13 S4 F5


UNC Library Occasional Newsletter. 1972-74 (Library)

RG9 S14 F1-3


UNC McNair Scholars Program. Winter 2008-

RG7 S10 F1


UNC Newsletter. 1985- (Academic Affairs)

RG13 S9 F5-1


UNC on Site. 1970-1972 (micro)

RG3 S15


UNC Report. 1988- (University Publications)

RG3 S26


UNC Today.  February 25, 2000-June 26, 2003. (University Communications).    

RG3 S26


UNC Today.  June 27, 2003- (electronic).  (University Communications).   

C3 S1 F4


UNCOVER Update. (UnCover Co.--CARL)

RG9 S1 F9-3


UNCUT (Student Activities). Summer 2010 (v.1, no. 1)-

RG8 S3 F5


Uni-di-Versity. 1978 (Vol .2, Nos. 1 & 2). (Housing)

RG7 S17 F2


University Assessment Newsletter. (Academic Affairs)

RG3 S6


University Bulletin. 1975-1983 (University Publications)

RG8 S2 F3-6


University Personnel Adviser. 1983- (Personnel)

RG9 S3 F5


Update. 1977-1981 (Admissions)

RG8 S3 F1


User Support News. Nov. 1997 (vol. 1, issue 1)-Jan. 2000 (vol. 3, no. 2). (Information Services)



Vanity Fair. Vol. 4, winter 1984-Vol. 5, Spring 1985. (English Department)



View from Human Services, TheMay 2003

RG14 S2 F1


Voyager. 1991- (Laboratory School)



We Feed the Bears see Dining Services Newsletters

RG9 S19 F2


W.I.T. (Women Inspiring Tomorrow). Nov. 2010 (Vol. 1, Issue 1)- . (Women's Resource Center & Stryker Institute)

RG9 S19 F1


Women's Resource Center Muse-letter. Oct. 1994-May/Summer 1999




Newspapers, non-UNC



Colorado Serials Collection

C9 S3 F2


Greeley Journal, v.1(1935)-v.7(1942),v.9(1944)-v.21(1955),v.23(1957)-v.42(1976)

C9 S3 F3


Greeley Tribune, 1870-1872/73,1886-1890,1893-1894,1901-1908

SC 88



UNC Connection, August 27, 2007-Sept. 13, 2010




Newspapers, student

RG10 S1 F1


Crucible. 1892-1921 (Student publication)

RG10 S1 F2



Mirror. 1919- (Student publication)



RG9 S21

Non-traditional students



C1 S17

NORED Governance study 2000

RG2 S10 F9





RG11 S22

Normal Athletic Association. 1895-




"Normal row" see Retrenchment. 1912



RG7 S4

North Central Association (higher education)



Colorado State Committee (secondary schools)



Report for a Focused Visit. Presented July 2004




see also Zimmerman. LB1840 G88 Z555




Northern Colorado Business Review. v.1-12 #3 1973-82 (School of Business)




Northern Colorado Water Conservatory District



RG15 S21 F1

Northern Vision (bronze sculpture of the Bear located at the University Center)



RG3 S14

Northern Vision, 2004-



RG15 S10 

Nottingham Field

RG5 S3 F6-3



Faculty Senate response to construction. Forum.  8/30/1993

RG15 S8 F1



Photos of construction

RG18 S14 F1


Photos of Vic Nottingham

RG10 S1 F3




Cache la Poudre 1952 p.113, President of Associated Students



RG10 S1 F7 

Nova. 1972-1974 (Student publication)



RG10 S1 F6 

Nowthen. 1971-1972 (Student publication)




Nursery School, New









RG3 S1 F1



1929. CSTC Bulletin. March. "New Courses in Nursing Education

RG1 S2


1941, January 4.  BOT minutes p.303. Nursing ed. transferred from CSCE to CU Boulder

RG7 S4 F2-3



1982. Vitas of nursing faculty in v.2

RG3 S1 F1


Bulletins: 1926 Ser. 26 #6; 1928 Ser. 28 #9; 1930 Ser. 30 #4 & #8; 1934 Ser. 34 #1




RG7 S1 F7-1



CPA hearing transcript, 1982




Faculty, Nursing, also in Carter. 382-384

RG3 S1 F1



First photo. In 1899-1900 State Normal School Catalog. p.73 "Emergency laboratory"




History of nursing education. 1927-1995 (Drennan)



National Institute for Nursing Education and Scholarship (NINES). 2008-

RG7 S4



National League for Nursing accreditation

RG3 S12



Nursing Alumni Notes -1995-

RG7 S12 F2



PRET Report, 1983




Nusbaum, Jesse

RG18 F16 F1



RG18 S2


Endowed scholarship donated by Jesse Nusbaum. Honorary doctorate, June 5, 1946. CSC Newsletter, Winter/Spring, 1961

RG3 S14



Spectrum. May 1999