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IBM Computers

RG9 S2 F5


IBM records system used for registration

RG10 S1 F2


"Top Notch IBM Machine Saves Prof's Time Assures Accuracy," Mirror, Mar. 7, 1952, p. 8.


RG7 S5 F14     




RG7 S5 F15

ICU (Instructor Course Unit)

RG5 S4 F5


ICU committee




Immigration Courses

RG3 S1 F1


Bulletin. Feb. 1919, p.50

RG3 S1 F1


Bulletin. April 1919, p.108

RG3 S1 F1


Bulletin. July 1919, p.30

RG3 S1 F1


Bulletin. Summer 1920, pp.6-7 ( Edward Devine), pp. 30 & 56

RG3 S1 F1


Bulletin. Summer 1922, p.9 (Edward Steiner)



RG7 S5 F9 

Implode/Life of the Mind



RG10 S1 F2 

Income tax: Mirror 2/24/1921 p.3




Identification Cards

RG10 S1 F2


"ID Cards Replace Activity Books," Mirror, Sept. 26, 1952, p.1; "Bring ID Cards to Registration," Mirror, Dec. 15, 1952, p.1

RG9 S2 F5


Registration for classes



see also -- Activity Books/Tickets


RG7 S5 F10

Independent study




Indians see Native Americans




Industrial Arts, Dept. of

RG7 S12 F2


PRET Report, 1982



see also RG 22 S1





LB1840. G72 C3


1918 influenza -- Carter, p. 138

RG7 9ED F23-1


Swine influenza (H1N1) during Summer Enrichment Program 2009

RG9 S12


Student Health Center



RG8 S3 F13 

Information Services



RG3 S20

Information Services Photo Lab



RG8 S3 F13-4

Information technology. 1996 consultant's report



RG11 S32

Information Technology Committee



see also Academic computing



RG14 S2 F2 

Innovator. 1971-1973 (Lab School)




Inscriptions on or in buildings see Mottoes inscribed on or in buildings




Insignia Day. First Insignia Day held in 1911.



The History Of Colorado State College Of Education - The Teachers College Period - 1911-1935. Hartman, William Frederick. LB1840.G744 1952 .H3, page 121.



School songs: "Hail Insignia Day". Cache la Poudre, 1911, page 69. LB1840.G7 C3



see also Graduations



RG3 S13 

In-site UNC. 1970-1971 (University Publications)




Inspiration Point (land where new University Center built)

RG15 S10


Clippings -- University Center, "Victory Tower"

F784 G7 E37 1993 pp.72-74



Description in Robert C. Easterday's A Kid's-Eye View of Early Greeley

F 782 W4 W38 v.5, p. 229


Description in Carol Shwayder's Gazetteer and Dictionary of Place Names Weld County, Colorado

RG10 S1 F3



1949 Cache la Poudre -- photograph toward back

F784 G7 D843 1984



Photograph in John Dugan's Greeley and Weld County: a Pictorial History

SC48 S2 F5


Picture on front page of April 11, 1965 Greeley Journal (in UNC buildings & grounds file)



RG2 S7 F1 

Institutional Advisory Committee. 1971 (Selection of President)



RG8 S5 F4-1

Institutional Analysis & Research Services, 2010-



RG8 S3 F12 

Institutional Research and Planning, 1991-2009 (moved to Information Management & Technology)


RG7 S7 F25-2

Institutional Review Board



RG7 S5 F10-5

Instructional Design & Development



Instructional Materials Center (formerly Audio-Visual Education Services)

RG15 S10


Instructional Materials Center. Carter Hall

RG10 S1 F2


"Newly Christened Instructional Material Center is Expanding," Mirror, May 4, 1951, p. 15.

RG10 S4


Social Activities ar Colorado State College Greeley, Colorado. 1957. see -- page 6.



see also Telecommunications



Instructor Course Unit see ICU





RG8 S2 F3


Disability insurance

RG8 S2 F3-5



RG15 S11 F1


Insurance Hazards Corrections

RG13 S5 F5-10


Liability insurance. 1/14/1985 minutes




Integrated Arts Education, Center for. 1996-



RG19 S4 F6

Intellectual Property Policy



RG7 S5 F14 

Interdisciplinary Center for Educational Technology (ICET)



RG7 S5 F14 

Interdisciplinary Studies, Dept. of



A&S Annual Reports. 1990-

RG7 S12 F2


PRET Report, 1982



RG5 S4 F16

Internal Review Board (Research on Human Subjects)



RG12 S20

International Film Series




International Meditation Room (University Center), 1956-?

RG3 S2 F2, Folder 1960-1969



Original brochure

RG15 S10






International Programs Task Force



RG12 S16 

International Relations Club



RG9 S8

International students

RG7 S5 F20


Center for International Education

RG9 S8


International/foreign students

RG11 S23


International Education Committee




International Study

RG7 S5 F1


Florence Program, 1974-1981 (study art in Italy)


RG7 S5 F12 

International Teacher Development Program, 1965



RG9 S8 

International Week



RG13 S10 F2 

Internet policy (Library. 1997)



RG7 S5 F5 

Internship Program, Resident



RG9 S26 F1

Internships for minority students (OMA--State Farm Multicultural Partnership)




Interobang (UNC English Department)



Freshman Writing: Fall 1970



Freshman Writing: Winter, 1971



RG10 S5 F7 Folder: Helplines

In-Touch Helpline


RG9 S23 




RG15 S23 S21

Inventories & appraisals



RG8 S3 F12-1 

IPEDS survey







David Miller Water Collection



William R. Kelly Collection




ITHE, School of

RG7 S1 F7-1


CPA transcript of hearing, 1982