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RG12 S12        

Gala. 1983- (College of Performing Visual Arts)


RG8 S3 F3-15




RG18 S16

Garcia, James. 1902. First Hispanic surnamed graduate


framed Normal School diploma see SC 1-48, Map Case 3, Drawer 11,




Garden Theater dedicated 1940

SC48 S1


1921.  Photo of Theater before the building in "Theatricals" folder "Glory of the Morning"

RG3 S20 F1







RG3 S1 F1


Italian garden. Photo see Summer Bulletin. 1910 p.68

RG3 S20 F2


School Garden Harvest (Same as "Nature Study")

RG3 S1 F1


Nature Study (same as "School Garden Harvest"). Photo. see High School of The Training Department of Colorado Normal School, Series 9, No. 3, June, 1909, p 20

RG3 S1 F1


President's Residence and Italian Garden. Photo. see Summer Term 1910 State Normal School of Colorado Greeley, Colorado. Photos at front of publication.

RG3 S1 F1


Italian Garden on Campus. Photo. see Summer Term 1910 State Normal School of Colorado Greeley, Colorado. Photos following page 67.

RG3 S1 F1


Formal Garden. Photo. see Summer Term 1910 State Normal School of Colorado Greeley, Colorado. Photos following page 67.

RG3 S1 F1


South View--Showing Green House and School Gardens. Photo. see Summer Term 1910 State Normal School of Colorado Greeley, Colorado. Photos following page 67.

RG3 S1 F1


Italian Garden. Photo. see Summer Term 1910 State Normal School of Colorado Greeley, Colorado. Photos following page 67.


see also Grounds


see also Greenhouse





RG15 S16 F7


College & University Buildings & Grounds

RG3 S20 F2


Photographs in "Grounds" folder

SC48 S1


Photographs in "Grounds" folder

RG15 S10


Buildings & Grounds Clippings

SC 90


East Entrance Gates to Colorado State Teacher's College Collection



see also Mottoes Inscribed on or in Buildings




Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender

RG9 S1 F9-4


Gay Lesbian Bisexual Transgender and Allies (GLBTA) Resource Office

RG10 S5 F17


Gay, Lesbian organizations

RG10 S1 F2


Greeley Gay, Lesbian and Bisexual Alliance (Mirror 4/19/1996)



see also -- Human Sexuality Center




Gem/mineral collection

RG6 S7 F1



RG6 S7 F1



Nesse, William. "Foundation sparkles with precious stones". Mirror, February 4 1983, p2.

RG3 S20 F4


Photographs in "Ross" folder




Genealogy & Local History (Beta)




General Counsel



General education

RG5 S3 F6-15


Curriculum evaluation. 1977

RG5 S4 F12


General Education Council


see also RG5 S4 F12: Undergraduate Council



RG10 S5 F22

German Club



C9 S4

Germans from Russia



SC48 S10

Germany, pre WWI photos





RG10 S5 F24


Gerontology Club

RG7 S12 F2


PRET Report and self study, 1982




Ghosts on Campus

RG10 S10 F2


"Campus Hauntings", Mirror, October 31, 2008, pp.6-7.

RG15 S10, Folder:Ghosts on Campus



RG3 S12 F14


"The Ghosts of UNC," Northern Vision, Fall/Winter 2010, pp. 18-23

RG10 S1 F2


Gray Hall. Mirror, October 31, 1986, v71 n18 pp1,4

RG12 S10


Haunted houses



Library--Earle U. Rugg

RG14 S2 F1


Michener, James A.--locked in activity room by Halloween ghost 11/23/1938 College High Courier



RG12 S25

Gifted and talented. Summer programs



RG19 S5 F1




RG10 S9

Gifts, Class




in Forty Years of Colorado State Teachers College; 1890-1930. Carter, Albert. LB1840 G72 C3, pp.386-387




Frieze of the Parthenon, 3 sections, plaster. Cranford--Interiors--Chapel

RG3 S20 F4



Flemish oak reading desk (2001--currently in the Dean's office, University Libraries). Photo in Snyder folder.




9th Avenue gate pillars on postcard "Know thyself" "Grounds" folder

RG10 S1 F1



Bust of "Beatrice," marble, life size, on marble pedestal (photo in Crucible v.12 n.10  6/3/1903)

RG10 S1 F1



Painting of the Spanish Peaks by Charles Partridge Adams in Crucible, June 1904, p.210

RG2 S5 F4



Bronze statue of Mercury photo in "C-General Correspondence"

RG10 S1 F1



Arts-Craft clock, chiming. Carter, pp. 386-387; Crucible, Sept. 1906, p. 21.

RG18 S2



East window of the Library photo Alumni Courier. October 1920. Also in 1908 Cache la Poudre. Library article

RG10 S1 F2



West window of the Library "Class Memento". 1908 Cache la Poudre

RG10 S1 F2



Tapestry for library wall. 3' x 5 1/2'. Education motif. Cache la Poudre . 1909 p.121

RG10 S1 F2



Gates at 18th Street & 10th Avenue "Rowing Not Drifting" in Cache la Poudre. 1910 p.219

RG3 S20 F1



Pool in front of Library see "Carter"

RG10 S1 F2



Description of pool in Cache la Poudre. 1911 p.141

SC48 S1 F1



Gates at 8th Avenue & 17th Street in "Grounds" folder see "Carter" p. 225 for name of architect

SC48 S1




Pioneer statue North of Library

RG10 S1 F1



Bust of Pres. Z. X. Snyder in Michener Library: Reference (1997). Crucible July 1915, p.383

RG1 S2


1917 or 1918

Curtains for the stage. BOT Minutes, April 5, 1918.

Greeley Tribune, June 11, 1918, p. 2



$100 liberty bond from the junior college graduating class. Greeley Tribune, June 11, 1918, p. 2

RG3 S20 F1



"Hi" Bridge NW of Gray Hall in "Gray NW" folder

RG3 S20 F2



Drinking fountain, Gray/Gunter/Garden Theater "Grounds" folder




Plaque at entrance of Gunter giving name of building

RG15 S10, Folder -- Signs & RG10 S1 F2



Two "Colorado State College of Education" signs -- Photographs in CSCE Newsletter, Sept. 1952 & 1953 Cache la Poudre (cover sheet)

RG10 S9



12 garden benches along sidewalk south of Frasier photos




Platform & bandstand for the Student Union -- "Students Give $5,000 on CSCE Chapel Fund," Greeley Tribune, May 26, 1956, p. 1.

RG10 S1 F2



Gunter Hall Trophy Case -- "Wins Special Plaque," Greeley Tribune, May 24, 1957.

RG1 S2 F1



Illuminated entrance marker at the corner of Highway 34, 18th Street & 8the Avenue. BOT Minutes, May 27, 1958, p. 6

RG15 S10



Money for casting a replica of Totem Teddy--clipping Mirror 3/9/62

RG10 S7



see 1961 time capsule

RG6 S7 F1



Four portraits of presidents painted by UNC Professor of Art Richard Ellinger (Mirror 5/25/1962 p.1). Portraits are of Presidents Crabbe, Frasier, Snyder, and Ross. Ellinger also did a portrait of President Holmes in 1968. The portraits are located in the President's Conference Room in the University Center. Photographs of the portraits are located in RG3 S2 F4.

RG10 S9



Plaque--Outstanding Professor--in University Center




Score clock in Gunter's large gym

RG2 S8 F16



Tree planted on University Center west lawn



SC 7

Gladiolus Hall of Fame (Michener Library)




Glee Club

RG13 S1 F4


Men's Glee Club

RG12 S12 F1


Teachers College Glee Club1917 program

RG13 S1 F4


Varsity Men's Glee Club

RG13 S1 F4


Women's Glee Club



RG10 S6 F14

Gold Key

RG10 S6 F2


see also Mortar Board (Gold Key Chapter)



Golden Jubilee, 1940 see Anniversaries, College



RG10 S6 F11

Golden Key International Honor Society





RG7 S9HPER F14-2


Annual report



RG2 S7 F23

Governance--Bond files




Governance, Faculty involvement

RG2 S7 F18



RG5 S3 F6-20



RG5 S3 F6-17





RG13 S9 F4

Government Publications (Michener Library)



Serial Set volumes in Special Collections 2321:G1512 G7 D8 1882



RG8 S3 F14

Government Relations, Office of .  ?-2000




Grades are not available in Archives. Call Registrar's Office (351-1870).



RG7 S8 F4

Grade points issued by department



RG7 S7 F26

Graduate assistants


RG15 S10

Graduate Center



RG7 S7 F1

Graduate Council

RG7 S7 F1


Graduate Faculty Load, Ad Hoc Committee on (committee report not found in Archives 9/94) Grad Council minutes 1/25/1979, 3/1/1979



RG7 S7 F17

Graduate Dames


RG7 S7 F28

Graduate Dean’s Citation for Excellence Award

RG3 S10


Information Services press releases, 8/13/1994-10/31/94

RG7 S7 F7


Graduate School Newsletter, Winter 1985-Winter 1986

RG7 S7 F1-3


Perspectives & Profiles, Spring 1997.




Graduate, Education

RG7 S7 F6


Graduate Education, Handbook of. 11/1997

RG8 S3 F12-7


Graduate Student Course/Instructor Survey. 1999-2001. Suspended 2004.



RG7 S7

Graduate School

RG7 S7 F4


Annual report



History 1913-1955. In Zimmerman. LB1840 G88 Z555





RG4 S6


Commencement programs (some include major fields of study)

RG3 S10


Press releases soon after the ceremony list grads by town/state/country


see also Degrees granted



RG7 S7 F24

Graduate faculty, student research symposium/research day



RG10 S5 F25

Graduate Student Association (GSA)



RG9 S18

Graduation in 4 years. Guide. 1997



RG4 S6

Graduations (Insignia Days)

LB1840 G72 C3 pp.104-105



photo, first graduating class, in Carter. 

RG10 S8



individual pictures in red velvet box

SC48 S1



photo in "Celebrations" folder

RG10 S1 F1



class picture in Crucible July 1898 p.346+

RG10 S1 F1



photo June issue of Crucible p.300+

RG10 S1 F1



photo in Crucible 1900 p.260+

RG10 S1 F1



photo in Crucible 1900 p.260+

RG10 S1 F1



photo in May issue of Crucible

RG10 S1 F1



photo in Crucible

RG10 S1 F1



photo in Crucible 6/1906

RG10 S1 F1



photo in Crucible 12/1905

LD4011 N269 L37 1989 p.87



photo in Larson.

RG10 S1 F3


1914 Cache la Poudre p.113

RG10 S1 F2 


1921 Mirror. 5/11/1921 p.8

RG19 S3 F9


Banners, 1990

RG4 S11



RG4 S6 F6


Commencement Marshals' materials--mechanics of ceremonies

RG4 S6 F6


Hoods and graduation robes

RG4 S6 F6


Mace, 1995

RG4 S6 F6


Medallion, 1995

SC48 S1


Normal School graduating classes in "Celebrations" folder

RG4 S6 F20


Photographs--Academic Life, Graduations

RG4 S8 





see also Commencement



RG8 S3 F3-14




Granada see Japanese relocation





RG19 S5 F1


Clipping file

RG3 S15


Issues of UNC Report list grants

RG19 S4 F5 &
   RG7 S7 F10 


Office of Sponsored Programs (Research Corporation) also known as Office of Grants and Contracts (Graduate School)



RG3 S18

Graphic standards manuals



RG15 S10

Grasslands, Colorado. see -- Ross Hall


RG15 S17

Gray Hall

RG1 S15


1st Biennial Report 1910-12 p.159. Sports facility for women

RG15 S10



RG15 S9 & S17



RG3 S20


Photographs--News and Publications "Buildings"



see also Buildings



RG10 S1 F6

Greality. 1978




Greek organizations see Fraternities and Sororities


Greeley & Weld County



Greeley Bible Plan

RG7 S5 F19


Greeley Plan (Bible study). 1910-1930(?)

RG3 S1 F1


Religious and Moral Education. Feb. 1912. Colorado State Teachers College. Bulletins. 1917-18. Series 11, No. 4.

RG3 S1 F1


Religious and Moral Education for the Summer Term, 1913. Colorado State Teachers College. Bulletin. 1912-13. Series 12.

RG3 S1 F1


Bible Study for College Credit. "The Greeley Plan." Colorado State Teachers College. Bulletins. 1917-18. Series 17, No. 6.

LB1840.G72 C3


Carter, Albert Frank. Forty Years of Colorado State Teachers College, pp. 349-350.

LB1840.G744 1952 .H3


Hartman, William Frederick. The History of Colorado State College of Education - the Teachers College Period - 1911-1935, pp. 83-84.

LD4011.N269 L37 1989


Larson, Robert W. Shaping Educational Change, pp. 71-72.



Greeley Chamber Orchestra




Green, Walter (faculty member--Art)

RG6 S7 F1



RG13 S14


Library art exhibits 9/12/1983-10/21/83 and 9/2/1988-10/14/88



"Search for Knowledge" mounted near stairwell 2nd floor Michener Library

RG3 S20 F5


"Search for Knowledge" mural in Painting folder



Walter Green Special Collection




Greenhouse, 1908-1936




RG10 S1 F2



Cache la Poudre. 1909 p.164

RG3 S20 F1



News & Publications files




see also Carter, LB1840 G72 C3, p. 160

RG1 S2


Sale of: BOT minutes 4/9/1936



RG5 S2 F1

Grievance procedures, Faculty Handbook. 1993. 3.14





RG15 S16 F9


"Adopt-A-Spot" Program

RG20 S2


Clippings "College grounds"

RG10 S1 F1


Crucible v.1 n.8 p.16



First landscaping. In Ross. LB1840 G73 C6, p.3



First tree. In Carter. LB1840 G72 C3 p.292



Hartman, Wm. [History of C.S.C.E. 1890-1911] pp.97-99.  LB1840 G744 1951 H38.

SC48 S1


Hazel Johnson photo file

RG2 S1 F1


Inventory 1954 in Book 5

RG15 S16 F4


Inventory 1987. Grounds and Landscape report by Robert Brown, Grounds Manager

RG3 S1 F1


Italian garden. Photo see Summer Bulletin. 1910 p.68

RG10 S1 F2


Cache la Poudre. 1910 p.19

RG15 S7


Landscape architects designs

RG2 S5 F4


Lily pond pictures in Ross correspondence

RG15 S16 F4


Maintenance. Grounds and Landscape Maintenance Report by Robert Brown, Grounds Manager, 1987.

RG13 S1 F4


Photographic index see Archives Studies v.8



Xeric Park




Guggenheim Hall

RG15 S10



RG3 S20 F1



RG3 S20 F1



Front door window - negative only



see also Buildings




Guggenheim, Simon

RG1 S2


Trustees agreement with Guggenheim plus construction bids  2/23/1910-3/21/1910



RG12 S22

Guidance Workshop Proceedings. 1951-1954






Financial Aid Guide (online)


Housing and Dining Guide (online)

RG10 S1 F2-4


Mirror -- Welcome Guides



see also Student handbooks



see also Viewbooks




Gunter Hall. 1927-



"Blueprint for the Future" Slides and audio tapes. Includes floorplans. (circa 1996)



Bucks for Bells. 1986-88

RG15 S10



Reference files (clippings, photographs, etc.)

RG19 S1 F4



Rick Proctor files

LB1840 G747 1988, p.54, pp.118-119



Pierce, Morris. A Century of Campus Planning and Construction at the University of Northern Colorado.

RG15 S17


Building Survey, 1954

RG24 S5


Chimes, Schulmerich. 1964.

RG15 S10





Cornerstone contents listed in Carter. LB1840 G72 C3, pp.90-91

RG2 S4 F16


Cornerstone laying ceremony described. Teachers Journal October 1926 p.552

RG20 S1 F7


Dedication program--Boiset scrapbook

RG15 S5 F3-2


Gunter Memorabilia Advisory Committee (displays 1998- )

RG15 S9 & S17



RG2 S5 F4


Letterhead 1948 pictures Gunter "BOAC" folder

RG15 S1


Long range plans

SC48 S1


Photographs--Hazel Johnson



Photographs--Lotz collection

RG3 S20


Photographs--News and Publications "Buildings", "Military", "Sports"

RG15 S5 F3-1


Photographs of athletes on Gunter walls

RG10 S1 F3


    see also Cache la Poudre. 1933 p.273

RG10 S1 F3


Photographs in Cache la Poudre






1934 p.130 & 143




LB1840 G747 1988 P54, pp.115-119


Pierce, Morris. A Century of Campus Planning and Construction at the University of Northern Colorado.

RG15 S14


Renovation, Construction project request 1993-94


see also Buildings





RG3 S20 F1


Gym, Temporary


see also Butler Hancock in Buildings


see also Gray Hall


see also Gunter